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  1. And it's more like a sizzle than a crackling. Some people say it sounds good but I can hear it & it drives me nuts, & I keep blowing speakers
  2. Yes, same db & the other test tones came from either a download or a cd loaded on my computer from Rockford Fosgate.
  3. From what I recall yes both HU's did it. I might be wrong tho, might not have been checking the 4khz on the other HU. This has been going on so long, driving me nuts lol, and I've tried so many different things that it all starts running together. When I get home I'll see if I can figure out what wire it was, even if I have to look when I pull the HU to replace the rca's. I can look then.
  4. I've tried 2 or 3 different interface connectors lol.
  5. When I get home I'll see if I can figure out what wire it was, even if I have to look when I pull the HU to replace rca's
  6. That's what made me think that the DD-1 might not be accurate with frequencies other than the 1khz & 40hz.
  7. No with the 4khz -10db distortion light illuminates & remains on until u go back below volume 16 thru HU & 13 thru amp. I believe that's what it was. At best it was 16 thru amp. The normal 1khz distorts at v.36 & 40hz at v.39 or vice-versa. I've tried setting the gains with volume at 30 & 35 and I think I tried it with volume at like 15 but run out of gain before it would get loud lol.
  8. Yes at the rca's before going in to amp. I think it was a little higher volume tho, like 16 or 17 at 4khz - 10db hut thru amps it's at like 13 or something it's crazy. I bought the Stinger 8000 series Rca's & their speaker wire also. One thing I need to mention is, the last time I pulled the HU out (was about to trash it lol) I found a wire spliced. Apparently who owned the tru previously was installing a stereo or and instead of cutting speaker wires they cut in to what I think was some info or climate control wire or something that ties in with radio and did a crap job splicing it. I pulled it apart & soldered it back together. I don't know if that may be an issue or not.
  9. Sorry for the book lol just giving info to eliminate possibilities.
  10. By active I meant HU in network mode where channel A is ur highs w/hpf, channel B is for mids & has bandpass hpf & lpf & the C is Sub channel. No DPS although I did install an Audio Control DQDX once early on & no major difference so I sent it back. I am running an Epicenter on sub channel and had/have a AC Matrix line driver but no major gains there except for engine whine etc. I was fighting an engine noise whine but had it gone after removing the 1 Alpine amp & the Matrix & just going with the two pioneer amps running the mids & highs but has come back (not as bad) after moving some of the rca & speaker wires around, just cleaning up the install cause I was in a hurry when I swapped amps which is why I ordered new RCA's & speaker wire thinking it might have something to do with it. I'm running kicker RCA'S from Best Buy & 12ga speaker wire from Crutchfield but I did notice when I was cleaning things up on a section of the speaker wire the actual copper wire was a lot closer to the side & not centered in the jacket so it's possible that could be an issue. Could be picking up some noise/interference thru the speaker wires especially like where it goes in to the doors along with the wires for electric locks, windows, etc. This thing has been driving me nuts now for a few years & costing me a fortune in equipment, especially speakers lol. I've had to two local audio shops work on it, one after trying multiple things including installing jl audio c2-650 components & temporarily stuck a jl amp in but nothing changed so he pulled it out & was so stumped he give up lol. I eas running a 5 channel pioneer at the time. Blew the C2-650's, changed over to the Alpine X-series amps, components, & coaxials, & added separate amp for sub. Headlights were dimming so had another shop do the big 3 upgrade & supposedly tuned it but I could still here sizzling/crackling sound in the system. Blew two sets of X-series speakers (got first ones covered under warranty) bought the third set & moved the comps & coaxials to front doors, added an Alpine kt-450 (50x4/100x2 bridged) & set of coaxials in rear doors, added more thinking I was pushing the system too hard & same thing, blew the X-series coaxials & tweeters on the comps, obviously not at same time. That's another reason I believe it's distortion cause they seem to slowly die off 1 speaker at a time. So I changed HU to network, removed Alpine kt-450, put in the pioneer gm-dx874 amp 100x4, kicker tweeters & new set of Alpine X-series coaxials, again lost them & finished off the sub/mids on the comps. Removed all the Alpine thinking maybe amp problem, installed a 2nd pioneer gm-dx874 amp 100x4 with 3 brand new pair of Memphis Audio MJP6 w/kicker tweeters and can hear the distortion so I'm scared to play it, much less, crank it up lol. Other than changing RCA's & speaker wires or setting it on fire wth can I do lol. And BTW I do appreciate the feedback.
  11. That does. I actually ordered new RCA's & speaker wire yesterday. Although I've done this already gonna try one more time lol. Don't have a cd player but downloaded DD-1 & CC-1 test tones on to a flash drive and checked it both ways & pretty much same results. I may have even done with the HU out of the vehicle but was using crappie RCA's & not sure if I was doing the 4khz at that time so I guess we'll see. I know when I went active, or whatever it's called, letting the HU split the signal thereby was major improvements from were I was previously. Bout ready to drive it in to a lake lol. By both ways I meant with phone & flash drive.
  12. It's hard to explain, it's like a crackily static lol if that makes any sense. I'm pretty sure it's in the 2 - 8 khz range cause lowering EQ adjustments in that range & cutting that range out with the crossovers helps but as it takes away some that the overall starts sounding bad.
  13. I am using the regular DD-1. I was running an Alpine X-series class D amp. I just went to a Pioneer class FD to see if my Alpine amp was bad and still seen distortion in the 4khz -10db frequency at low volumes. Wasn't sure if DD-1 was accurate at 4khz so I set everything with the normal 1khz -10db & even turned it down a little trying not to blow anything and it still sounds bad. I can hear the distortion, guessing at aprox some where in that frequency range so that's what made me ask about the DD-1. I'm even setting gains with HU at 30 when it doesn't clip at 40hz or 1khz till 38 & 39. I've been fighting this thing for a long time now. Replaced the HU twice, multiple sets of speakers from JBL, Pioneer, Alpine, & Now Memphis Audio MJP6. Started running active before changing the amps & still blew my brand new X-series components & coaxials. And I really think it's the distortion slowly taking the speakers out lol.
  14. Both. I believe it was at volume 16 or 18 thru HU maybe a little higher but dropped to like 13 when I went thru amps. Sorry for some reason I don't get notifications from here & can't figure out why lol.
  15. Had someone from Focal tech dept told me to check the 4 - 5khz, the 1khz, and the 200-250hz ranges cause I keep blowing speakers. When I did I found distortion in the 4khz range when volume hit 13 & it goes to 40 but only distorts at 36/40hz & 39/1khz so I'm wondering if it's in HU or DD-1. Tried it on two different HU's. A Pioneer mvh-2300nex & an Alpine iLX-W650
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