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  1. Well I ended up trying a 5.7^3 ft sealed enclosure for the 2 Skar SDR18's, it sounded ok but wasnt near as loud as my 2 SDR12's in a 5.5^3 ft box. I went ahead and cut a port into the box and vented that into the cabin w/ a 10" Diameter port running through the factory subwoofer location into the cabin and it still wasnt near as loud. I pulled one of the 18's out of the box and finally it was just as loud if not louder than my 12's were. I wasnt happy though so I sold both the Skar 18's and the box and bought a Skar EVL18 which could handle 2500 watts, has a larger voice coil, much larger moto
  2. I recently sold my two Skar SDR12D2's in their Harmony Audio ported enclosure w/ 5.5 cubic feet & tuned at 30hz that I was pushing with a Kenwood KAC-9106D that I had wired at 1000watts RMS / 2000watt MAX @ 2ohms, the subs are rated at 600w RMS/1200 MAX so this should be just under their limit if the amp puts out true power, it seemed to push them hard with the gain turned at 3/4, all bass boosts off, HPF @100hz and subsonic @20hz, I originally was running an Audio Dynamics LC2i LOC to power the RCA's from the factory Mark Levinson subwoofer amp to my Kenwood amp but recently installed an
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