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  1. I hook up my the devices using both bluetooth and usb... both same result. Maybe it has something to do with the Sync (Lincoln MKZ). I will try the RCA idea but I fear I will have the same result. I will also take the DSP out of the equation as you suggested and see if that helps!
  2. Hi Guys, I am new here... I would give a detailed introduction but let me keep it short by saying I'm 100% a JL Audio fan! Anyways, to the help needed. My amp keeps cutting out and alternating channels at certain volumes. If I keep the volume low enough all speakers play but if I play it too loud (which isn't even that loud) only one channel will play while the other channel cuts in and out. My amplifier flashes yellow (JL HD600/4) so I cut it down and it immediately goes back to green. I suspect it's my DSP....I have a Mosconi DSP that I purchased brand new (6to8 Aerospace). The reason I believe it's the DSP doesn't make a ton of sense but hear me out. It only does this while connected to a portable source (my phone). I can play the FM radio and Sirius at any volume I want with no issues, but any portable source has a negative effect. Meanwhile my subwoofer doesn't miss a beat. Any ideas? I am desperate for a fix!
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