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  1. Hello. I am setting up the gain on my Autotek M4000 amp. (used for 2 12'' subs in parallel) I ran a 50 hz tone at 80% volume (Pioneer head unit). The highest voltage reading I could get was 15 volts (output from amp). That is with the gain tuned all the way up (reading 0.2 Volts on the amp). I should set the gain to 44 AC volts. ( V = the square root of (1000 rms x 2 ohms) ) The subs are disconnected. All levels on the head-unit and EQ are flat. My Clarion 7 band pre-amp EQ output is 8 volts. What am I doing wrong? What could be the problem that I can’t get the volts to 44? Thank you.
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