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  1. I'm looking for the same thing. I'm going with the orion xtr2500.1dz. Well overrated even as low as 12volts...
  2. What do you recommend?? Need to power 2 12" alpine type x 900rms 2500 peak each. Ported enclosure tuned to 32. I have a xsd3400r battery already but stock 160amp alternator. I really don't wanna mess with an aftermarket alternator being a lexus and a nightmare to install $$$$$$. I was thinking on a orion xtr2500.1dz. Great ratings even at lower voltage.
  3. Any suggestions on a new amp? Need to power my 2 alpine type x 12s. Subs are 900rms each 2500watt max. My enclosure is ported tuned to 32. Previous amp was a phoenix gold 1300.1d great sound quality but just not enough. 

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