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  1. Hi guys, i'm fairly new to car audio but been tinkering around 2 years. I did lots of research online and finally got the a hold on the famous Helix DSP. I got this Helix P-DSP from a local reseller here and it was working fine for two months and now recently, i encounter this problem where when i turn on my car, the Helix P-DSP will not load any profile with a red light. When i took out my key and try again, everything works fine. I tried finding the issue online but i couldn't get it anywhere as i see this Helix P-DSP is not really used by forumers. Add to that, i suspect the problem might be the remote output from the Helix P-DSP is not having enough power to power 3 amplifiers for my car but i'm not sure. Any help is highly appreciated.
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