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  1. A clip of my beloved skar VXF 12" at around 1k to 1200 watts perfectly playing the low lows. Thing sounds so good skar getting low n stretchin_1.mp4
  2. Thanks everyone for real. So I ended up getting the duralast h7. It claims 90 ah but who knows. That and the 12 farad worth of capacitor n it takes alot more pull to get the lights a flickering. Before when it was only half way up at a light, in gear & ideling, voltage in the rear would drop to high 12s low 13s. Its much more stable now. I cant speak to the life of the cheap ass duralast agm batteries as there really isn't a whole lot of folks running them. N if they are they're probably too embarrassed to say lol. The only appealing thing about em is the group 24f for the front of my car
  3. Sweet man ty. I greatly appreciate it. Taxes aren't far away. Def need a bigger amp too. Happy holidayd
  4. Sorry I was driving n didn't read the entire post thoroughly. So I have a Rockford t1500 driving a couple skar vxf 12" at 1 ohm Then a skv2 100.4 driving the mods and highs. I have a agm up front then sky-high 0 gauge to the POS lead acid in the rear. 4 gage to the amps of course. Also a 240 amp alt. The spec sheet puts it just under 260 at 3k rpm I've been listening to heavy bass stuff as of late but its a sq build that bumps pretty hard when I want it too. So your saying the amount of cranking amps isn't reflective upon how well it can deliver amperage to the amps while the alt kic
  5. I don't sit with my alt not spinning often if ever. I need more idk if its reserve or what my voltage needs to be steadier. I know a bigger cap will help but won't a bigger secondary as well? I'm having trouble deciding to get the huge h9 agm and making room for it or getting the standard group 34. Im not sure if cranking amps relate in any way how much power the batt can dump at once to sustain the voltage when the amps are pulling 300+ amps. And thanks BTW for any input. Im not too big a novice but for sure have a ton to learn
  6. Hello hope everyone's healthy and still kicking ass. The question that brings me here today is givin the hkdays I can't afford an Xs battery or a pair as I've had a lead acid in my trunk for a while. So at autozone you can get a massive 1000 CCA with 160 reserve for the same price as a small battery. How big should I go? Is it worthwhile getting the biggest one they have? Its $200 no matter which agm I take home. I have a couple amps pulling 300-350 amps a 10 farad stinger cap lots of sky-high 0 and 4 gage. What do you fine folks think will work best for me? Go big as possible since its t
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