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  1. Got more done today, but really it's on hold til some warmer weather. Plus I need to get speaker ring adapters. So right now I have the amp, sub, crossovers and tweeters hooked up.
  2. The old sub is getting tossed. I figured since everything else was new, except the head unit that I'd run new wire. Oh plus cutting the wires that went to the stock amp kind of forced me to run new wire. But it was part of the plan all along.
  3. Today I made a lot of progress on the install. I removed all the stock speakers and ran new wire to each door. Of course with each step forward is two steps back. I don't have the speakers in the doors installed just yet, hopefully tomorrow. I do have the amp wired and sub playing, but that's all so far. When I took the pic the amp wasn't hooked up (clearly) so that's why you can see the ground wire. I really hope to have everything back together tomorrow, cause snow is coming starting tomorrow night and I don't have a garage. Now it's time to rest and figure out what my next move is.
  4. Spent nearly 7 hours today trying to get the wires ran for the amp. 5 of the hours was trying to access the factory amp so I could disconnect it and splice into the wires going to it. Good news is I have the wires ran to where I want the amp to sit, now I just have to run wires to the doors and dash and install the new speakers. Only 2 days left to get this done thanks to the A-hole old man winter. I'll get it done, even if I'm working by flashlight on wed. night. I pulled the stock sub while I had access to it, I think it's seen better days.
  5. I learned that the amp is capable of hi and low level inputs so sounds like I can leave the stock head unit in for a little while longer. At least till I find something I really like. No point wasting money on one that I'm not happy with. In the box with the amp there was three sets of rca adapeters (that's what I'm calling them). They had a rca jack on one end and bare wire on the other. Trying to figure out how to wire these may or may not be easy. My car does have a factory amp, so can I just tap into the wires going to it for the time being?
  6. The stuff from Memphis audio finally came today. Should have it installed and playing soon.
  7. I have a 2010 Kia Soul + that I'll be doing an install in fairly soon. First one in over 10 years. This will be all Memphis Audio equipment except for the head unit. No idea what head unit I'll be using though. So far I have a VIV 900.5 5 channel amp, PRX60C 6 1/2" components, PRX602 6 1/2" coax, and a PRXE10S2 sub with box. Plus the amp install kit and extra rca's from Memphis Audio as well. Still have to get a head unit, speaker wire, and sound deading material. Wont be an elaborate install, but it will be better than stock. Pics will follow soon as the order from Memphis gets here.
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