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  1. Here is the Birth Sheet. My Underground Power 40ah lithium is normally sitting at 14.72v. You are correct, this will put out more power. I have a AMM-1 but i either hooked it up wrong or there may be a defect. I wanted to use the AMM-1 to check dyno power. This way I can see what’s going on. In the image you can see the leads are not connected, but when I was testing…. I ran the positive lead to positive amp input and the same for the negative. Negative lead to amp ground on the amp input.
  2. What’s crackin’ yo! This is the second installment, focused on the under hood components…… Sky High triple alt bracket, Gates green belt, 4/0 Sky High OFC, 4/0 Exelene and SMD fused distribution. I had 2 waterproof fuses and i had to swap it out with the copper SMD distribution. Definitely a better fitment for the wiring. :] Any feedback or input is welcome, thanks for viewing! (I may add some videos, but they are somewhat lengthy, might not be able to upload)
  3. Thank you! It sounds great, I actually did a hair trick on myself XD (although it wasn’t real violent). The 5000.1 dv2 sounds clean, and yes they are getting scarce.
  4. What’s crackin’ yo! Here is part one of what I have completed so far on this Yukon. The box is a GP high output XL glue-it-and-screw-it tuned to 31hz. Internal bracing was radiused and sanded before I installed them. The triple baffle was built in layers, countersunk, glued and screwed with Spax hardware. It was then fit up to the Evil 15’s and thru holes drilled to accommodate the 1/4-20 threaded inserts. This way the subs are bolted in. Baby Yoda added for force! Any feedback or input is welcome! :]
  5. Great job! I like the way you installed the bass knob, very nice!
  6. Super happy to have swapped out the 2 waterproof fuse holders for this copper SMD fused distribution block, excellent product! I ran two more runs of 4/0 ofc Sky High from the 390 amp BrandX alts to fused input then added 2 additional runs of 4/0 Excelene to the 40ah Underground Power lithium in the cabin. Two images are the old waterproof fuses and the other two images are what is current. :]
  7. What’s crackin yo! I am in process of installing the power wires but wanted to ask a question.... Do any of you have experience with welding cable vs Sky High? In the pictures, the orange is 2/0 Sky High OFC and the red cable is 4/0 Flex-a-prene. I was going to use 2X runs of the McFlex cable, each run coming off a Brand X 390 alt fused at 400 or 350. Amp = HCCA 5000.1dv2 Subs = 2x SSA Evil 15 d1’s Battery = Lithium, but still undecided Thank you in advance for any insight!! -EvilKen
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