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  1. I have a rockville punisher 10” blown,it has a 246 oz motor.are those motors any count.i thought of buying a basket and making it a 15”. Do the build myself.i just dont know who has good voice coils to buy and which spiders to get.the sub has 27mm xmax one way.maybe skmeone can explain which spiders are which.i figured i could build a decent sub for around 200$.can someone give me a little input on this.thanks
  2. I have a new system in my car. 3-sa8 aero port box tuned 33hz sundown sfb 2000 kenwood x304 and on my kenwood app to set subwoofer lpf crossover should i set it at through or at 80 hz or what?im new with stereo equipment and trying to get this right. i set my sub sonic on amp at 30 and low pass at 80 with test tone and dmm. Thanks
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