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  1. I have a Volvo s80 mkI with 160A alt @ 14.5V. 2x100Ah AGMs and a 500F Maxwell ultracapacitor pack in the trunk. 1x Soundqubed HDX315D2 @ 1Ohm Focus FX3000D set on 56V with a -5dB test tone 50mm2 (0awg) cable from alternator to trunk and grounds and between batteries. 75mm2 (00awg) cable to the amp straight from the capacitor for minimal voltage drops. 10mm2 (8awg) speaker cable soldered to the sub's own wires. 18mm (3/4") plywood glassfibered on both sides as the trunk floor. I should bolt it to the car but there are no strong mounting points, it's just
  2. I have a Volvo s80 mki with 160A alternator. 2x 100Ah AGM batteries and a 500F Maxwell capacitor in the trunk. Focus Fx3000d @ 1Ohm and 59V. (3000-3500W @ 1ohm, stable in some setups @ 0,33Ohm) Soundqubed HDX 315d2 in a 104l tuned to 29Hz, plays flat to 24Hz. SPL Dynamics ice150.4 class-AB amp for mids and highs. (150Wx4 @4Ohm, 190Wx4 @ 2Ohm) SPL Dynamics MD200.4 class-D amp for midbass and rear deck. (200Wx4 @ 4Ohm, 300Wx4 @ 2Ohm) 2xBass Face PAW10.1.4 as midbass in glass fiber pods in front doors. (May be ported in the future if possible) (I heard someone i know tested them with 400W
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