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  1. Update I made the port a little bigger and it go a little better but still doesn't sound right. Can someone design me the best box possible for the skar-evl 12 d2. I listen to rap/hip-hop music from apple music. I don't listen to songs that go under 30hz usually. So a box tuned to 34-37hz would be good. The dimensions that I want are 37.5 wide, 18 inches tall and around 10.6 inches deep is good. If possible I would love if the front could have two ports symmetrical to each other that sound good, but if I have to put one port only that is fine too. Thank you. The box will be pressed up against the rear seats in the back of my sedan facing towards the back of my trunk in my mercedes e320 1995.
  2. Hey guys I finally finished my skar evl 12 subwoofer enclosure and put it in the trunk of my 1995 mercedes e320 and played a couple songs and was strongly dissapointed with the lack of power at certain bass notes, it was intended to be tuned to aboiut 35hz but I highly doubt it, I think I messed up making the vent. I used speaker box light and added about .6 cubic feet of bracing and the net volume of the box is about 2.15 cubic feet. Here is the design: https://speakerboxlite.com/project-info/15063/tab-3d I wanted it to fit nicely against the top and side of my trunk. If you have any advice on how to make it sound better, please do tell me. It is being powered by a sundown sfb-1000 and is 100 percent wired correctly. I tuned gains with a distortion detector. Idk if its just me but It seems like it is super loud at 60-80hz.
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