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  1. I forgot to mark A, B, & C in the pic before i posted it!! But they are the 3 sides opposing where the driver will be on the 30Hz side... it was late, i was tired, don’t judge me! Lol
  2. Ok, I’m going to put this enclosure in my crew cab Ram Big Horn Edition by taking out the front center seat/armrest and placing this in place of it with the ports facing up & putting memory foam wrapped in gray leather on top inbetween the ports so I’ll still at least have a decent armrest. I used to have a buddy who did competition builds and I’d help him all the time cuz i LOVE this stuff, but I’m computer illiterate, so never got into the schematics & how-to with designing enclosures to a desired frequency. Well, he passed about a year ago, & now here i am trying to figure out p
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