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  1. Hard to say for sure, really will only be able to know by trying. I've always mounted my amp's underneath the driver/pass seats. Not much air flow, and have had minimal issues. In my Toyota pickup, my infinity reference would get very hot, and went into protect. I made some spacers to allow a little airspace between the amp and the floor and had no more issues after that. Worst case, you could install a fan in the footwell.
  2. Yea, one amp. The t1000 is either ~1k watts at 4ohm or ~1.5k at 1 ohm. I don't have the birth sheet, but that's typical of what I've seen for these amp's. The 1001dx is rated 250 watts at 4ohm or 1k at 1 ohm. The xtant should put out better sound, and from what I've read they are very underrated on their specs. So I was planning on 2 boxes at 3ft^3 seems to be a good number for these. Would I just double it to 6ft^3 (after displacement) or is it more complicated than that when they occupy the same chamber?
  3. Thanks, I was only thinking sealed for the ease of install. I don't know enough about t/s parameters to understand how or where what performs best. I do know a sealed box is more forgiving than ported if the volume is off a little bit. And I'd more than likely be off in this situation, cursing myself for the wasted wood and fiberglass! Would 2 sealed chambers or one shared be better?
  4. I've never heard of them, I'll check them out, but am not looking to buy anything at the moment. I have all this equipment, and waaaaay too much money in this car already, and am just looking to make the best out of it.
  5. Working on a SQL build in my SC300 and looking for some box advice. My current setup (under construction and evolving, don't judge =P ) ; Kenwood excelon DDX795 head unit Alpine type s 4" coaxials in the doors (temporary) Focal 6.5" Flax coax in the rear. Fosgate Power HX2 12 in prefab garbage box. Mechman 250A alternator Big 3, silver tinned ofc 1/0 throughout. Kinetic 2k watt battery for trunk. Standard batt under hood. FULL raamat, and ensolite treatment throughout ENTIRE vehicle. I have a host of amp's to run
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