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  1. Thanks. I'll head over and give them a try as well.
  2. So, I'm looking to put 2 fosgate p3d4-15 subs in the space that my rear seats used to occupy. I am not proficient in win isd, have tried using it to no avail. From what I have found around the net is that these subs do very well in around a 3ft^ sealed enclosure. My question is, if I put the two subs in the same chamber, would I just double the box size to 6ft^? I plan on running these off a single amp at 1000-1200 watts at 1ohm. Any input would be greatly appreciated. T/S parameters are attached (far right)
  3. Still lookin. Also interested in old school zapco reference , diamond audio d7, ppi art series. Ultimately I'm looking for some good looking old school sq amp's to be a focal point in my build. About 75wpc at 4 ohm one four channel, and or 2 two channels. Thanks
  4. Looking for a 604x preferably, but interested in others as well. Square vent hole style only. Lmk what you got and what you want.
  5. Did anyone mention sound dampner? Another big factor to consider is speaker placement. Where is your front stage coming from? Kick panels, doors, dash? Determining your listening position vs. The on/off axis response of a given speaker can drastically change the perceived quality. All else fails, just buy the most expensive speakers you can. As we all know, the more expensive the more better! Right?!?? What amp do you plan on running? You could have the best speakers ever and feed them dirty power and they will sound shitty. My advice, get a decent class AB amp (low thd%), and a mid to high end set of component speakers. Custom mount the tweeters and play around with the positioning. If money is no issue a mcintosh amp and some focal k2 power mids with the beryllium tweeters should do the trick
  6. Hard to say for sure, really will only be able to know by trying. I've always mounted my amp's underneath the driver/pass seats. Not much air flow, and have had minimal issues. In my Toyota pickup, my infinity reference would get very hot, and went into protect. I made some spacers to allow a little airspace between the amp and the floor and had no more issues after that. Worst case, you could install a fan in the footwell.
  7. Yea, one amp. The t1000 is either ~1k watts at 4ohm or ~1.5k at 1 ohm. I don't have the birth sheet, but that's typical of what I've seen for these amp's. The 1001dx is rated 250 watts at 4ohm or 1k at 1 ohm. The xtant should put out better sound, and from what I've read they are very underrated on their specs. So I was planning on 2 boxes at 3ft^3 seems to be a good number for these. Would I just double it to 6ft^3 (after displacement) or is it more complicated than that when they occupy the same chamber?
  8. Thanks, I was only thinking sealed for the ease of install. I don't know enough about t/s parameters to understand how or where what performs best. I do know a sealed box is more forgiving than ported if the volume is off a little bit. And I'd more than likely be off in this situation, cursing myself for the wasted wood and fiberglass! Would 2 sealed chambers or one shared be better?
  9. I've never heard of them, I'll check them out, but am not looking to buy anything at the moment. I have all this equipment, and waaaaay too much money in this car already, and am just looking to make the best out of it.
  10. Working on a SQL build in my SC300 and looking for some box advice. My current setup (under construction and evolving, don't judge =P ) ; Kenwood excelon DDX795 head unit Alpine type s 4" coaxials in the doors (temporary) Focal 6.5" Flax coax in the rear. Fosgate Power HX2 12 in prefab garbage box. Mechman 250A alternator Big 3, silver tinned ofc 1/0 throughout. Kinetic 2k watt battery for trunk. Standard batt under hood. FULL raamat, and ensolite treatment throughout ENTIRE vehicle. I have a host of amp's to run front stage when I figure out what want to end up running, but that's not what I'm here to ask about. Soooooo, currently I'm running the hx2 in the trunk on a t1000.bdcp amplifier. I feel I am losing tons of bass since the trunk is basically sealed off from the car, and the fuel tank is in between the trunk and the back seat. I have decided to remove the rear seats and put a box in their place. My plan is to glass the seat tub and back wall for the rear and bottom portions of the box, or boxes. And use 3/4" birch for the remaining faces. Here's where my struggle, and your advise, comes in. Keep in mind I'm more into sq than spl. With the following options of equipment what would you choose, and would you go sealed or ported. Subs 1x fosgate power hx2 12" 2x fosgate punch p3 15" 1x CT sounds Meso 8" Amps Fosgate t1000bd Xtant1001dx I'm currently leaning towards the xtant and the 15's with 3ft^ boxes. Thanks in advance, and sorry for the long ass first post.
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