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  1. The hole is too tight. What's the best way to open it up? The metal is aluminum.
  2. Here's what I did. Gorilla taped the firewall hole. You can't see it very well. Had to drill this out under my seat to run the 4/0. Wrapped the 4/0 in Gorilla tape where it will pass thru under the seat and thru the firewall. The 2/0 and 4 gauge can squeeze along the running board area. Just wanted to show my SMD fuse holder(got the distribution block also) and my big 3..small stuff to yall big dawgs. I think the Gorilla tape will fare well. Btw, where do you add your signature as f
  3. This is what it looks like. It was 2 holes..a larger and a smaller that have become 1 hole. I'm thinking put the Gorilla tape around the hole edges and around the wires itself, then use silicone to seal it. It won't be pretty,but.. Thanks for the reply.
  4. I'm in New Orleans..came back home after over 20 years and drove back into the same pot holes from before..lol. I just watched a video of a guy running wire under his car. Still not crazy about the idea. You know what..the Gorilla tape looks promising. Thanks for your replies.
  5. I was thinking that there had to be a better option than duct tape..some kind of tape maybe..but not duct tape. I just don't like the idea of the wire being under the car..streets are too raggedy here anyway.
  6. Hello everyone..first post.. I drilled a ugly hole thru my firewall due to limited space so I can't use a grommet as the hole is not circular. I'm running a 4/0 and 2/0 thru the hole. How can I protect the wires from the metal edges? I thinking something to wrap around the wires where they pass thru the hole.
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