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  1. I got an extra battery and the big 3 now... I cant get all my power without clipping but that should fix when my alternator that's on the way gets here... But I am f**kin slamming ... Them power acoustics are junk.. I'm going by experience.. I hate to bash them cuz I really thought they were good ... But nope.. junk.. unfortunately lol... and yeah My taramps smart 3 slams but it might not be enough for a bass head lol.. My suburban is HARD to get banging.. I got my ears moving n shit.. I can only imagine what a smaller airspace and my same setup would be like.. So maybe it is enough?.. not su
  2. When I set my gains should I do the tone with the subs on? or off
  3. Sorry for the trouble, and thank you very much, I was misunderstanding it.. I'm good now
  4. I downloaded the 40hz -5 and -10 why does the -5 put out so much more power
  5. Do you agree with using -10db for setting subs gain? No offense to the one who said it I'm just trying to get more than 1 opinion I'm learning lol
  6. Okay I'll do that but can you help me better understand the different db levels ? (0db, -5db, -10db) for subs and for highs
  7. YouTube music, I've got downloaded songs from YouTube and I use youtube music for random playlist sometimes,, never bass boosted
  8. boosie , slim thug, ugk, jeezy, big krit, shit with alot of bass basically lol..I'm very picky cuz nobody can rap and put a beat together..
  9. What is the difference in say a 0db 40hz tone,, compared to a -3db 40 hz tone? wht should I use
  10. How high can my subs go? 250 or 400??? frequency response vs range..
  11. My subs recommended tuning is 32hz and my box is actually a prefab tuned to 32 hz... Let's say I put a -3db test tone on... How low can they handle it? Cuz that seems to me where I would want to set my subsonic at..
  12. I'm sorry I'm talking about about my subs... Those are the response / range levels of my subs... I'm trying to figure out how low they actually safely go.. and how high they can safely go
  13. What's the difference between frequency range and frequency response? My frequency response is 25-250hz... My frequency range is 39-400hz... sooo where should my high and low pass be at?
  14. Should I just buy a JS alternator or does anyone have a better suggestion? Cheaper (STILL QUALITY) suggestion?
  15. My subs havent gotten warm at all since the first day... I think they were playing too High of frequencies the first day... Conisdering the amp goes from 90-10k lol That might have jus been up a lillll too much.... I've been watching my clip light very close... Right now I've got minimum voltage drop and no clipping.. Its jus about perfect where its at... Until I get my alternator that is.... Oh and I ditched the 3.5 farad capacitor I had... I dont think it made any difference ... If anything the voltage drop is less than it was..
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