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  1. I type dual 15 box on Google and it shows up vivid racing for cheap
  2. Has anyone ever heard of vivid racing or ordered CAR AUDIO only off there? They're a car part site or sum shit
  3. I got a smart 3 supposedly 3000 rms how can I possibly get that power if it isnt even blowing a 150 amp fuse
  4. If I got a true 1000rms... My and subs are 1200rms each... Would that be louder or better on subs that's only 500rms?
  5. I got an extra battery and the big 3 now... I cant get all my power without clipping but that should fix when my alternator that's on the way gets here... But I am f**kin slamming ... Them power acoustics are junk.. I'm going by experience.. I hate to bash them cuz I really thought they were good ... But nope.. junk.. unfortunately lol... and yeah My taramps smart 3 slams but it might not be enough for a bass head lol.. My suburban is HARD to get banging.. I got my ears moving n shit.. I can only imagine what a smaller airspace and my same setup would be like.. So maybe it is enough?.. not sure lol
  6. When I set my gains should I do the tone with the subs on? or off
  7. Sorry for the trouble, and thank you very much, I was misunderstanding it.. I'm good now
  8. I downloaded the 40hz -5 and -10 why does the -5 put out so much more power
  9. Do you agree with using -10db for setting subs gain? No offense to the one who said it I'm just trying to get more than 1 opinion I'm learning lol
  10. Okay I'll do that but can you help me better understand the different db levels ? (0db, -5db, -10db) for subs and for highs
  11. YouTube music, I've got downloaded songs from YouTube and I use youtube music for random playlist sometimes,, never bass boosted
  12. boosie , slim thug, ugk, jeezy, big krit, shit with alot of bass basically lol..I'm very picky cuz nobody can rap and put a beat together..
  13. What is the difference in say a 0db 40hz tone,, compared to a -3db 40 hz tone? wht should I use
  14. How high can my subs go? 250 or 400??? frequency response vs range..
  15. My subs recommended tuning is 32hz and my box is actually a prefab tuned to 32 hz... Let's say I put a -3db test tone on... How low can they handle it? Cuz that seems to me where I would want to set my subsonic at..
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