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  1. i was told to get a ds3400 as well. so thats going to be my go get. but im looking at a super cap in back. and hell, i set my voltage to output a little under 1k and decided i had room so turned it up just a tad, after adding the bass knob to play it in short spurts and these things are going crazy. less than 1400 max currently and they are steady flexing everything. and whether its the motors or pressure my streeing wheel goes crazy but the door panels definitely give about 2 inches or more
  2. yeah yeah, i thought of that shortly after finishing jamming half in there and hoping it stuck. everything is appropriately done and i have small bass, good to break in still is my excuse. but hopefully soon i can get a battery set up going and i am going to drill out the caps to match the inside terminals. then ill be happy
  3. my stock alt is 150 and a stock agm battery since its a 2020. problem is the alternator has already been overworking because it started turning black. although that mightve been fault of the old amp, wiring kit etc as well. i know i did run ac and the subs at the same time too not thinking about it. but there isnt such specific information out there even no matter how i word it. usually just get keyword triggered and get random stuff that sometimes is even unrelated to what im asking. i see you are using the d3400 but a different main? do you have a ground running all the way up front too?
  4. 2 sets of speaker terminals, i can only read one at a time with multimeter. did voltage calculations to figure out what i need my gain to read to get 1000 watts of output since i dont have an aftermarket alt. question is, is the voltage i read from one channel split so i need to split my final voltage to get the right gainset? because its still monoblock. thats the only reason im asking
  5. so even my twist 12 gauge wont fit. the terminal spring cap is 12 gauge, while the inside is actually 8 gauge. legit. these were new in box. already got my custom box, port was 3 inches from bottom so raised it to be about 5 but kept port length for tuning. already about 1400 in with the 0 gauge from gp. itll be clean eventually. im very dissappointed with these terminals. no wonder the guy i got my r3s from had custom 4 gauge terminals on it lol if i kept both i couldve switched but sold my other that i made a house sub out of just before i started this. ima just hope these wires stay in.
  6. ill take a pic in a few. combining my 12 gauge wires now and going to run it at 1000 watts combined for now till i get my alternator in, and anyways and itll be a good break in. i thought sky high was supposed to be only about 25% oversized but no. this 8 gauge is like 5 gauge wire because the 2 12 gauge look to be perfect size for the terminals. i was splitting and electrical taping it up so the wire was still contacting the terminal but it was just too sketchy for me to feel good about it.
  7. i guess im stumbled here cause doing research im not sure if my 12 gauge together (9 gauge) will be able to hold up to the output of the sia 3500. as ive been told even at a 2 ohm load (because mine are dv2 so ill wired them up to pull 2 at amp) the output is still supposed to be about 3500. im looking to realistically push the full 1500 ish (i understand its not technically rms, but i want to make sure my wire will hold peak power) to each sub. itll technically be under a 4 foot run
  8. thats odd, but that alone helps me a lot. ill just have to redo wiring. thanks!
  9. then that would be about 7 gauge? you probably have 4 gauge terminals on yours but i definitely have 10 or 12. im going to end up just redoing my wiring so im not dealing with this sky high stuff even though i have my amp to smd bolt terminals looking clean on the outside. i have a spool of ofc 12 gauge from audio legion so i might just do the same and twist some ends together
  10. half of the sky high oversized wire wont fit, more like 1/3rd of it will. i think im just going to see if i can find some 4 gauge push terminals to replace these since it looks like a simple job. but cant even find those
  11. i appreciate the quick response, but do you know the actual size of the stock terminals? that way i can buy the correct reducer lol.
  12. they look like 10 or 12 gauge. i have some sky high wire thats oversized so i understand thats no help. but i dont understand such small terminals for a 1000 watt rms rating and we all know thats conservative. i was reading 12 gauge is really only good up to about 750 watts rms. but can i use a reducer on my 8 gauge and still get the full power from that and plug the reducer into the terminal? once the size is figured out. i had some custom 12 r3s that had 8 gauge terminals but going to be running these v2 on an sia 3500 as soon as i find somebody who can install my custom alt into a 2020 kia soul
  13. just the 2 sundown e15v3 2 ohm dvc. thanks again, that reassures me a lot and so i have some looking to do. but now to weed out the ones playing up crap and the ones who are telling it true. what brand amp would you recommend? because i see this is 2000 watts peak but makes me feel like if im playing super bass its going to go pretty quickly. im really looking at giving the subs about 1k watts a piece to have at their discretion. my songs are of course about 60-70 percent bass constant with quite a few dropping to 27 herts reverbing https://www.ebay.com/itm/Rockville-dB12-2000-Watt-Peak-500w-CEA-rated-RMS-Mono-2-Ohm-Amplifier-Car-Amp/391886968709?epid=9031082385&hash=item5b3e489785:g:dK0AAOSwMmVfn8qd
  14. awesome thanks for the response, but to be honest at this point i will look at wiring them to two ohms if possible, but getting something that will output more power at 2 ohms. would i need a dual channel amp or would i be okay to use a single channel dual terminal amp and actually get a 2 ohm load on it? this guys information seems contrary to what ive read.
  15. looking at my previous box design since i was only doubling the rip from the sundown site, its not practical as i was looking at getting a honda odyssey for the storage space but reliability as well as back space with seats down, and its only 48 inches wide. i probably wont mind building it entirely that long but then messing with the height design to keep it compact but say instead of 18 inches tall it will be 20. 5 inches from the width wont be as much as i can add up and down for total cubic foot, but will have to figure out interior walls. at this point just point me in the direction of the amp and ill take care of the rest
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