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  1. Ok so I have a 2013 single cab Silverado. I currently have a single sundown sa10 classic in a ported box behind the passenger seat to fit the sub I had to add a 3/4 msg spacer. I love the way it sounds but don’t like the fact that the seat has to be up quite a bit I was looking at getting rid of the whole setup and getting a new ported box built with 2-10s. Possibly going with 2 sundown sld or 2 sundown ev6. Any advice and what would sound better the sld or the ev6 and how it would compare to my single sa10?
  2. Thank you I’ve been reading trying to get some information. I have planned on doing the big 3 on my truck, I have a wiring kit and I also have a box already. It was made for a friend but he decided to go with a different box. I was told it’s 2.5 cubic ft. Depending on the subs I go with, I have an Orion xtr900.1d I can use if it’s big enough if not possibly would get the taramps 3000
  3. Hello all I have always had a car system but have never really had anything aside from the basic common brands out there. i have a 2017 silverado that i am currently looking to put a system into. After alot of thinking i have decided to go with 2-8" subs in a ported box. This will be a budget build so Im not trying to break the bank. i have my eyes on a few different subs. Some a little more than others. can anyone help me make the right choice in picking subs. Again i am not very educated with subs and brands so I will just list a few subs ive been looking at. top choices..... *ampe
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