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  1. Hiya. Thanks for offering to help. The maximum area i am able to use is 12" high, 28" deep and 38" wide. the reason for keeping to 12" high is so i can pull the cover over the boot to hide the box when parked, i am thinking the subs will come up a little higher but 132 inc subs is ok. Hopefully i can get something to work. How many cubes could i get and would an aero port be better for space.
  2. Hi all, newbie here. I have a Fi Audio Xv3 12" on a Kenwood KAC9106D at the moment in a prius ( yes you heard that right, a prius). It sounds good and slams quite well being it is sub and port facing the rear but i want more so i am looking at having two of these. Problem is i used sub box pro and winisd to build my box before but i am finding it hard to design one for two subs, also i have some size constraints. I need the box to be quite low in height as i live in London and can't have it on show. could i get a box that is only 12" in height with subs up and port bac
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