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  1. I bought a 150amp fuse from a local audio shop, it’s a stinger 150. Put it in and everything works again, but I definitely need to see how much power my amp is drawing because I talked to the guy that’s been doing car audio for almost 40 years, and he said that the 100amp should have been just fine, so there had to be something else going on.
  2. Bestbuy has kicker fuses, and they sell them in a 2 pack. They currently have the 200amp fuse 2 pack in stock at the one near me. I’m trying to do this all at a budget, I spent $350 on the sub, amp and wire kit. I don’t have the money for the DD-1. Wish I did because I would have bought it and anything else that would help.
  3. I get off of work at 5 and all the car audio shops near my work and home close at 5 aswell. I’ll try to leave early and get one. I’d like to check this issue as soon as possible, since I installed the system yesterday, and I’m having issues less than 24 hours after.
  4. On Skars website they say that all you need for the amp is an 80amp fuse, but the 4 gauge kit comes with a 100amp. If bestbuy has a 150amp in store I’ll get that, but I don’t have too many options right now
  5. The amp was hooked up, before the battery was connected again. Amp hasn’t moved from the mounting location. The power light was on before I shut car off, after the sub stopped playing. I know enough about car audio to not do something stupid, or at least I think, but I do take all necessary precautions.
  6. I have an aftermarket head unit and I’m going to buy a new fuse. I’m just hoping the amp still works because I doubt Skar will warranty it. I don’t have the money to get a new amp, so if the amp is dead, I guess I’ll probably never post on here again.
  7. So I have a Skar SDR-1X12D2 in a loaded enclosure hooked up to a RP-800.1D using the Skar 4 Gauge amp kit, with a 100amp in-line Fuse. I played it for about 30 minutes, gain turned all the way down, no LPF, no Subsonic or Bass EQ, and bass knob about a quarter of a turn (havent gotten it tuned yet). The sub stopped playing, and amp still had power. After a couple of hours I disconnected my battery, unhooked the amp and opened it up to see if it was messed up, looked fine so I put the cover back on and went and hooked it up again. Went to connect my battery again, and the fuse popped. I have a proper ground on my amp, Stainless Selftapper on an unpainted surface, close to a weld, with good metal. I wasnt playing music loud, about my normal volume, with just slightly more bass than usual. I do not know what happened. I'm going to get a new fuse, and put it in, and then see if the sub will play, I'm really concerned that the amp is done for, the sub feels fine. All wires were still connected well, I checked them after the sub stopped playing. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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