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  1. Sorry, I have Skar Audio 6X9's RPX series 90 watts RMS 270 Max, Skar Audio 6 1/2's 60 watts RMS 200 watts max running on a Kicker CXA300.4 Also have a 12in Skar Audio sub 600 RMS, 1200 Max running on a Kicker CXA800.1. Thank you
  2. I know this been asked a hundred times, but I have to ask it again for my specific set up. I have a factory radio that I unfortunately can not replace with an aftermarket. So I have a Wavtech Link 6 loc going to a 4ch amp and a mono sub amp. First question, when looking for my max undistorted vol from my headunit, do I connect my DD-1 plus to the high level or the low level inputs? After finding my max vol, I know I move to the 4ch amp and then to the sub amp. next question is when setting my gains, should I be testing from the speakers inputs or the RCA'S. Thank you for the help
  3. Question, when setting the crossover on my 4ch amp, my CC-1 works fine, but can't figured out why when I attempt to set the crossover on my sub amp after hitting read on the CC-1, it indicates to turn the crossover down but when doing so the blue light never comes on. What could I be doing wrong?
  4. Running 6x9's in the front doors and 6 1/2's in the back doors. With a single 12in sub in the back. What should my crossovers on my amps be set at?
  5. In need of some HELP! Recently bought a DD-1+ to tune my system in my 2015 Dodge Durango. Equipment: Factory radio Kicker CXA800.1 (Sub AMP) Kicker CXA300.4 (4CH AMP) wavtech link6 (Processor) When connected to the high level outputs with the DD-1+, on track 1 my volume level is 21 before the distortion light come on, but when I turn to track 2 I can max the volume out at 38 and the distortion light never comes on. I am at a lost where to set my volume at so that I can move onto setting the gaines on the Processor and the amps. Thank you
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