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  1. Thanks for the response. I completely agree. If he's interested I would do for him the same I did for my car as I have a sub where the backseat used to be. My cheap dayton mic only goes up to 120 db and I just played some test tones at like 100 db to not annoy the neighbors and basically put in every position possible to find the sweet spot, and their definitely was a sweet spot. I agree about bolting it down for the safety of the sub and the safety of driver. Our disagreement was if it would make it louder. I told him that I would cut off my own genitalia and eat it, if he gained 1 db from bolting it down. I don't think I get anything if I win.
  2. That's not enough info but if it were me, and Idk if you're doing a slot or aero port or maybe you want sealed, but I was already playing with WinISD today so here's what I would do if I wanted a flat response: 6 cu ft vented box tuned to 28 hz, gotta know more info for what port size will fit but for example 18inx3.23in by 26.9in long slot port would work. If it were really me i'd go with 7-8 cu ft tuned to 30 hz because I like some SPL in the 30hz-40hz range. Just my 2 cents. It's about what you like and what you're looking for. And it being in your car will change things. I'm not to that level yet of modeling subs. My sub boxes are tuned to around 35 hz but when I measure them, they seem to peak around 50. Same thing with my old sub box that my bro has in his tahoe now. Tuned to about 35hz but in the truck it peaks hard at 50 hz. Out of the car, according to WinISD it should peak about at 3 hz higher than tuning, so like 38hz.
  3. I'm having an argument with a friend. We agree that a sub box should be bolted down, in case of an accident, but he thinks bolting it down will make it louder. I don't think it will make an audible difference. It's a sealed JL10W7 in the back seat of a Toyota Tundra, if any of that matters. If we just set the box on the back seat, he thinks the box is going to jump around and lose energy, apparently. I think the sub and box probably weigh 50 lbs. and the mms(moving mass) is like 158 grams(about 5.5oz) and I don't see how 5.5oz is going to make a 50 lbs box walk like an old washing machine. What are your thoughts?
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