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  1. Thanks! I finally had time today to change the jvc for the pioneer and the sound difference is insane. The pioneer destroys the jvc in every aspect. It's a pioneer avh7800bt
  2. I didn't take as much pictures or anything. But so far this is what I have. I'll start with my 1999 Bmw 323i 5spd. What is done so far, still not finished. Agm h7 battery in original location. Second Agm battery in trunk mounted on top of the original. 1/0 CCA super flex power and grounds At the moment 12g true spec ofc speaker wire, I Have a roll of SHCA twisted 8g just haven't gotten to it Taramps Smart 3. Rockville low esr 50f capacitor. (Weirdly enough I don't know how well this works or how good but DS-18 sells the identical unit with
  3. Anyways how it went. Skar zvxv2 12d2, Taramps smart 3, rockville 50f, custom built box. It's great. I would reccomends skar to anyone. I have mine sub/port forward as the box is a tad too big and that's pretty much the only way I have tried to get it in. And it almost didn't go in. 1/0 except the ground atm. I have to get another lug. And a random type r I re-coned with the springfield speaker kit. It's all in a 99" 323i
  4. That's going to sound super good when your done. The time will be worth it. And you absolutely can't beat Amazon's returns.
  5. I've read so many good things about them Im going to give it a try.
  6. Just for fun. I love music, learning new stuff and building stuff. This car is just my work daily. I may over the summer pickup a fi 15 for my other car. I ended up just going with the skar zvx I had Amazon gift credit and skar has their own store so I paid 230$ shipped.
  7. The jl is years years old. It kept blowing the mosfets and having a grounding issue in circuit. I've been out of the car audio thing for a few years. That video was the only reason I bought it when I did. I'm a mechanic so I have an autel maxisys scanner with the ocilliscope add on. It's been a while, but at the very least I'm very mechanically/electrically inclined. I haven't had anything burn up since high school, probably due to being 18 and clueless. I'm attempting a spl single 12 build I guess you might say.
  8. It's a Rockville phenom. The cea burst sheet says around 1150 rms at 1ohm. It's not the best, by far. Halfway up -3/4 not even playing all the way up and it goes into protect constantly. and I'm going to be upgrading that as well, I had gotten it to replace my old jl 500.1. for temporary. Those Fi subs look awesome. I was also looking at the audio legion stuff too. I personally haven't heard or felt with skar so hearing that on here makes me.feel a little better.
  9. So I figured this would be the best place to talk and ask questions. I am looking into getting a new 12. I at first was going to get a skar zvxv2 12d2. I've had w6s, a ton of type rs, l7s, punches p2/3. Anyways. I want to go bigger more spl but I have a 3series bmw with not much space so I didn't want to go up to 15. I looked into RF T1 but my amp already is too much by 1200watts at 1ohm. I really wanted to go Hcca but I can't find one. So I'm really leaving towards a ds18 exl-xxb-12d2. In a single 12 what do you all reccomends or does anyone have any insight on the 12s I have listed. I woul
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