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  1. Hello hows everyones weekend ? How much rms power can handle this monster deaf bonce db 4515R 4.5k rms 4.5 voice coil any1 know who have it and know how much power these monsters max can take. thank you
  2. ye calculated everything gona by 2 alternators 200amp each with 4 AGM batteries with 1 lithium.
  3. never installed a big sound system to a car but i found alternator with 12v and 14v theres one each 200amp with 2 year warranty the volt i need to get is around 14.4 to 14.8 around like that right but which one is actually needed 12v or 14v lol abit dumb question i am not gona install this everything i got people who can.
  4. Okey thanks for some info i appreciate it and btw car thinking to do with golf 4 small car more db haha
  5. And a question about sundown audio sfb 13500d the voltage and how they work with low notes and which voltaze should by and which voltage they dont like cause ofc will drop down while listening? want to know more about those items cause i dont like buying spending money when you know nothing. its like a blind man would try to see.
  6. I am do 4 hifonics mxs soo 8.4k from amp is 2.1k each like 600rms more then rated i dont see bad or iam wrong ? Lol and if you can help with the batteries like how much will cost to power and how many ill need just to know in a future this setup probly will start like 2months later and ofc altenator will need for sure. I am guessing to pick this 13500d for a future system if i change to a bigger subs soo i have power more.
  7. Ye i have problem with the hifonics mxs how they do with higher rms each and how much they can handle. Seen people doing good shit with them ofc will by custom box for 27hz tuning.
  8. Seen one guy pushing 8k to 4 hifonics mxs but they was already custom rebuilded recon. with 8.4k rms amp giving 2.1k rms to each sub for 2ohms but if i change to 4ohm rated is 5550 rms amp in dyno test derek from sundown made 4.5k rms but he had low voltaze soo i guess should do around 6.5k with 14.4v.
  9. Hi. I have plans to buy hifonics mxs 12d2 subwoofers 4 of them they're 1.5k rms https://www.xtremecar.no/hifonics-maxximus-mxs12d2-basselement-12-2x2-ohm.html like 340euro each are they still good these days i need some info about them and run with amp sundown sfb 13500d run everything for 2 ohms i saw dyno test did 8.4k with him http://sandviksbassogbongel.com/produkt/sundown-audio-sfb-13500d/ and thats pretty enought for 4 hifonics thinking to stay with 2 ohms. What you guys think about this setup? First of all my plan was to buy sundown x15 v2 2x with sundown audio salt 4 but i found hifonics watched them just at youtube they sounded pretty bad ass soo i thinked 340 euro hifonics i can afford 2 of them instead of 1 sundown.
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