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  1. Would a 200a continuous current isolator be sufficient in my situation? I would rather not do a battery delete considering my current battery is still basically new and why not have more ah.
  2. I currently have a d5100 under the hood. I want to add a XS Power PWR-S5 (Lithium Titanate Oxide) in the truck and haven't found a set and stone answer on if you can safely run lithium batteries in parallel with an agm battery. Xs has said before that running them in parallel is fine because the voltage discharge is minuscule but I've seen elsewhere that it's not smart. I've read that using an isolator would would. How large of an isolator would I need?
  3. Rap is my music preference, and by output do you mean DB numbers? Wattage? Sundown is releasing the ZV6 "hoping Q1 of 2021" on their facebook page. A single 15 is 2500 watts rms and I'm sure I could feed it clean 5k watts. I'm going to upgrade my electrical probably a xspower PWR S5 or RSV S5 (hoping someone can tell me what to get) and a 250a JS Alternator. hope that helps
  4. Backstory/Info- THIS IS NOT A VERSUS THREAD I'm 17 and crazy into car audio and I just recently got my one sa 15v2 in my 06 accord sedan, it bumps for a single 15 but I NEED to be louder. I thought big 3, bigger battery, and 130a alt would've made it to where I desired but no so now I'm planning for an upgrade. Subwoofer sizes/ Opinions I love the lows but being able to play up in the mid 40 is nice too. With that being said I was looking into either a singe 15 or 2 12s. Some subwoofers I was looking at the ZV5, X series, Deafbounce 4515. I've heard sealing the truck helps being loud I'm deciding if It would be worth to seal my trunk off to obviously be as loud as possible. Sealing Trunk When sealing the trunk I want it to be somewhat appealing to the eye so that when my parents see it they dont think im completely ruining my car. I know there's many ways to seal a trunk. From what I've researched using wood shaped very firmly to the metal of the trunk-cabin opening and spray foam on both sides works well and is budget friendly. I am a bit confused on how I would attach the cutouts to the box making it as airtight as possible. Something too I was researching was framing supports around the trunk opening and securing the box to the supports. Is this worth the effort? Rear Deck The rear deck has 2 6x9s and flexes a ton already. I'm gonna get rid of the mids back there but How could I sound deaden this? My initial thought was to strip to bare metal and fill in with spray foam and then use a birch plywood cutout of the rear deck and secure it to the rear deck and maybe even throw some sound deadener in there too. Btw you'll be seeing me post here more as i get closer to this build. I'll keep yall updated. Questions- I really appreciate all of you who respond and help me out!!!!!! (: 2 12s or single 15? (any other subs yall recommend nothing over 6k rms) Do I use plywood and expandable foam to seal truck or is there better way? Framing the trunk/cabin opening with supports then securing the box to supports worth it? Best way to sound deaden the read deck? Any other veteran knowledge you'd like to post on here.
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