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  1. I ordered a cyber 12k on March 21s and it still says awaiting fulfillment? Has anybody else ran into this issue? I'm thinking about canceling the order and going with d4s at this point
  2. How has this turned out? I placed an order about a week ago and haven't heard anything back... I got my receipt but something seems odd.. I have faith but I'm just curious as to why the wait time is on them?
  3. I'm looking for some help with an enclosure design, I'm building an enclosure for my 2012 tahoe- 2-15 neo 4.11 fully loaded.. third row seats are out and I plan on the box being flush with the bottom of second row head rest... I'm not quite sure exactly which route I should take, 4th order, 6 order, ported, def dont wanna wall off though?? Looking to be tuned at 29-30 hz,dimensions 28x19.25x48, 2 taramp 8ks.. any and all help would be greatly appreciated.
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