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  1. Looks like fun for 2 8's. What frequency is your box tuned to? Those subs look like they have pretty good xmax.
  2. There are variables as with most things but I am inclined to expect 2 12s to have some advantages in your system. Overall effieciency and sound at part volume to name a couple. A little more feedback from you about music preferences and what output you will be satisfied with will help drill it down. I have heard several trunk systems with 2 10s that had amazing SQ and got loud enough on a relatively stock electrical system, so 2 12s can beat hard.
  3. First post on this forum! I am returning to the hobby after selling my Expedition in 2007. I live in AZ but am born & raised in Sac/Elk Grove and have lots of respect for what Meade is doing in this market and hobby, so this is my forum of choice. I am on my second 2011 Suburban 2500 since 2010. The first one I bought new and used it to tow an Airstream for a few years then sold it. The one I have now I bought in 2015 used with 40k miles on it and use it to tow my enclosed car trailer. I am planning a system to be used daily that can sound good off of a relative
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