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  1. Thanks for the reply. 5k is probably the most I'll be putting in this car,(06 Scion XB) I'll more than likely go bigger once I go to a SUV / Truck. So for now I'm going 2 12s, but deciding which ones has been a headache. Any recommendations?
  2. I have a Soundqubed s1-2250 with another one on the way. So I'm going to have around 5k watts @ 2 ohms strapped. My budget is $600 - $750. I don't know if I should get one sub now that can handle more power, and then get a 2nd in the future. Or if i should go ahead and just get 2 lower rated subs. Would 2 subs be louder than 1 on the same power? I have room for a 5 cu. ft enclosure. I am wanting to be around 30-33hz. I had a bunch of recommendations for 2 Stereo Integrity SQL-12s but haven't seen how they would do with that power and low tuning. They look nice just had never heard of them and wanted some more opinions. Any recommendations would be appreciated. These are some of the subs I've been looking at. Single Subs Sundown Xv.3 12- $620 Sundown Z v5 12- $790 Deaf bonce 3012r - $520 Deaf bonce 3512r - $750 Dual Subs Skar ZVX 12 - $380 ea. Sundown SA v2 - $330 ea. TORO Force 12S - $350 ea. Stereo Integrity SQL-12 - $350 ea. Also could go with 4 Soundqubed HDS 3.2 10s
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