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  1. The only gauge I have is the battery gauge on my dashboard and if that thing is accurate then my voltage is not very stable at all. If Im on the highway it will be decent but my headlights still dim when the bass hits. I bought a 10 farad capacitor, and that was a big waste of money lol didnt help at all. Then during city driving especially when I stop at red lights the volts get down around 12-13 according to my dashboard. The batteries are size 34 with 750 cca. Good idea, I will get the second run of 0 gauge ran in there this week
  2. No I havent checked the voltage at the amp thats a good idea ill do that today. I have a rough idea of my volume when the head unit starts clipping, i say rough idea because i have done it by ear. Playing a 40hz test tone and turning up the volume slowly and when it starts making a humming noise thats what I settled on as max volume. It was 28 when it started humming but when i play music if I go over volume 20 it becomes really distorted so i dont pass 20. For my sub amp I also only have a rough idea because I set my gain with a multimeter using the voltage = square root of watts x ohms metho
  3. I was hoping to hear a few opinions from anyone who is familiar with sundown subwoofers, specifically the Zv5 line. I recently purchased two Zv5 15s, theyre the 1ohm version. I also purchased a SFB-8000D amp. I have the subs wired so that my amp is seeing a 1 ohm load. After I got them all hooked up I wanted to see how they sounded so I turned up the volume and played some music which had a lot of bass. Maybe about 4 mins into their test run I got a whiff of a semi strong burning smell so I turned the music off before I toasted something. Ive read a lot of places that sundown rates their subs
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