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  1. https://www.motor.com/magazine-summary/are-you-smarter-than-a-smart-charging-system/ So this is the video where he breaks down the most important parts and below is the article he is reading off of
  2. Oh and also, I did more research into the RVC system on these trucks. This also may apply to Ford but as far for GM, The charging system will initially go up to 14+ volts and slowly drop itself down to around 13.5 volts constant. This usually happens after driving for awhile. Its completely normal for it to do this because this is how the charging system was built by GM. The charging system tells the alt to stop charging and keep it steady around 13.5. You can scrap this system tho by installing the external voltage system as you guys mentioned previously.
  3. Very late to the party. Guess what, my alternator lost its mind. It started pushing 16 volts throughout the truck, headlights and interior lights started flickering and a rough idle. I called Mechman and sent them my alt to fix it. Send it back to them bro, theyre good people. Call them and explain whats going on and all the different things youve been doing and they will do a warranty repair. No point to let $700 go down the drain. But i will say one thing. I probably will not do a mechaman alt in the future.
  4. Oh wow. The silverado has a stand alone sensor not connected directly to the battery. Then my guess is keep the same method of wiring you have now and just upgrade the wire to 1/0
  5. Yup that ring is an absolute PITA, please lmk. i want to help as much as i can
  6. Hey brother, so yeah I was having a similar issue. Im not to familiar with Ford trucks but my issue was my ground as @Dafaseles mentioned. Both of our trucks come with a RVC sensor that pretty much monitors the grounds on the vehicle. However, im not too sure if your Ford has that but if it does and its a system where your new ground cables have to run through, then heres is what i did. 1/0 gauge cables all around btw. Put your new ground on the battery, then pull it through that sensor (if your truck has it) and run it all the way to the alternator casing. Mechman has a spot on its case where
  7. Nope the lights seem to be good. Also, now the truck sits at 14volts flat stable. I guess the whole time it was the grounds. Also want to say thank you bro for all the help. For future purposes and for anyone who is having this issue: Battery-RVC-Alternator casing for the grounds!
  8. Ok so i switched up the grounds. Voltage is stable at 14.9V but the alternator has a whistle. Its not very loud but loud enough where you can hear it slightly when the hood is closed
  9. Hmm, it looks like the alt case is best. But i technically have a ground from my alt. However, it doesnt go straight to the battery. Im gonna switch it around and see what happens. People were saying that it can be from the alternators timing or a bad alt in general. I doubt it because Mechman makes some good stuff
  10. Oh no, it just goes straight down to the frame. My primary battery is on the passenger side, right in front of the firewall and the RVC is right under the battery, so imagine the wire goes off the battery, than just straight down to the frame. This wire is more like an 8 gauge in mine. Damn man, that RVC is making a mess lol
  11. Oh its not through the donut, its just another spot for a ground, im guessing. The factory ground is actually grounded to the frame. In this truck there are 2 grounds from the primary battery. 1 goes from the battery, through the donut and then straight down to the frame. The second ground goes through the donut, then to the engine block. But now from what you said, i honestly do think that firewall is not a good spot. The one thing that doesnt make sense though, is that if the RVC doesnt like frame grounds than why would GM put a ground through the RVC to the frame?
  12. Hello everyone, this might be the wrong place on the forum. So i recently have been doing a audio system in my 2015 Silverado 1500. For the electrical i have done: Mechman 370 amp alternator 2 XS power batteries Now im having a voltage issue because even when my audio system is not running, my interior lights and headlights keep dimming and coming back. I have the done the big 3 upgrade that Mechman had specified. On the firewall, there is a grounding point where Chevy had put a ribbon lookin piece on. For the big 3, i basically grabbed a 1/0 wire from the battery, through the RVC sensor
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