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  1. Its all good brother thank you. I just want to bump it up a volt so my bass can get the power it deserves lol. Ill watch those vids and keep digging to see what else i can find.
  2. Yeah same sorry for the late response. It sounds like its a little tough on GM. I only see regulators for Dodge. I would get a universal one but im not too sure if the electrical system on these trucks will happy with it
  3. Hmm, It doesnt really work for me. Is there any external regulators where i can control the voltage that can work for GM? And by control, I want to set it at 14.5 and throw it to the side lol
  4. I have a 2015 Silverado with a Mechman 370 amp alt and 2 XS Power batteries. I did a Big 2 with all 1/0 wires. I routed the ground through the donut then straight to the Alt case. The second battery is also grounded to the Alt case. Everything is fine but this GM smart charge system keeps the truck at 13.5-13.7 volts after like 15min of driving which is normal. Its meant to do that. My question is how can I make the it stay around 14.5 volts? Are there any external regulators for GM just so I can bypass this system to keep the truck at higher volts?
  5. Ok so I hit the switch and this system sounds beautiful. From the tweeter being on my sail panel, it faces the dashboard on both sides. Now I just need to figure out how I can make the tweeters face me and the passenger for the passenger side while keeping it in an enclosure. Other than that, its great for now until I can make those little changes. Thank you for all the help @Dafaseles @Arthur79 and for saving my pockets! Learned alot on this one
  6. Oh I completely forgot about that. I gotta take the door panels off for that. If I was to set it at +3db it would not make the 6.5 distort right? The gain is slightly close to the minimum on my amp.
  7. Ok so I got around to doing what you said. Yes it does sound better, the sound quality doubled too but there is still something weird. At 90Hz when i was raising the gain, the tweeter wanted more lol. The tweeter still has a lot more room to go. I raised the gain to where the tweeter distorts and backed it down which was perfect to where I wanted it in the beginning of this post but at that gain level the 6.5 woofer sounded terrible. It didn't bottom out which was good but it distorted so I had to back the gain down even more to compensate for that which also sacrificed the tweeters power if that makes sense. Can I just get a new 6.5 and hook it up to this same crossover? Pretty much just swap out the 6.5?
  8. Rough estimate I set it at 80-90Hz. Even on my sub amp it doesnt have accurate dials but it is certainly easier to tune than the 4 channel. In the picture below i made a little red mark to where its at
  9. So there is one thing about setting the crossover to a point. I know its not always going to be accurate because the dials for setting the crossover points on the Hertz amp dont really tell you whats what. On my amp it shows 50Hz minimum and 3200Hz Maximum. What would be the best way to see if the crossover is set to 90Hz or at least around that region?
  10. I was thinking of trying that. Dropping the gain and messing with the crossover. Also, there was a company who made custom speaker brackets for my truck and I put some of that pillow like rings which are very thin where one side sticks to the speaker bracket ( I do not know what there called lol) and then mounted the 6.5's on those. The sound im hearing is definitely from the speaker itself. @Arthur79 Here is a full list of the gear im running @Dafaseles Alpine ILX-W650 Headunit with the PAC integration system for GM. B2 REF6.3 2-way for the fronts JBL Coaxials for the rears at low gain Hertz HCP4DK amp to run these Skar Audio (2) DDX-10's wired to 1 ohm DB Drive Euphoria MX2000.1 Mono amp to run these Im not looking to have my ears bleed lol. Im basically looking for what the B2's are doing but a little louder if that makes sense. Clean sound but loud As for power under the hood I have a Mechman Elite 370 Amp Alt with 2 XS Power batteries with all wiring from Knukoncepts. 1/0 AWG OFC
  11. Oh I think I understand what your saying. Hook up the Driver and Tweeter in parallel than stick it to the amp. Right? @Dafaseles
  12. What if im going to use the passive crossovers they come with? Im a little confused here so my B2's are reading 2 ohms at my amp? I dont want to run active cause I dont know how to do all that and I cant really trust the shops in my area to do it.
  13. Ok so both massive audios tweeter have the same mounting depth as the B2's so they both should work. Now the Carbon 6 do 280 watts at 4 ohms. My current amp will underpower those like crazy lol. Will that be a problem? Man now you got me playing tic tac toe LOL
  14. Damn im probably gonna have to move the crossover inside. Cause as of now the tweeter is mounted inside the sail where all the wiring leads inside the door. Thats another issue. The B2 Tweeter barely cleared the doors shell lol. I gotta hit the drawing board before I get anything. I like that Aluma set but the tweeter is too big to fit in the sail panel so I need to find the best are to mount the crossover to avoid a wire clutter in that back of the truck. Those Skars would fit but I have to get new sail panels cause I the cutout is much bigger for the B2
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