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  1. I've read so many reviews about the quality of sundown, I've seen/heard a bunch of sundown subwoofers in the past year so I finally decided to purchase the new sundown 15xv3 today. Once I got home I opened the box and come to find the horrendous glue job. I guess sundown is ok selling this kind of product now? mass produced in china so no one is looking at the final product before it's put in the box and ready to sell. It's probably not a big deal to anyone else and probably won't affect the sound but who knows what could happen to this subwoofer down the road and what else kind of deficiencies this subwoofer might have. Anyone else with a bad glue job or any other type of visual deficiency? Bought at a local Honolulu dealer and told me no warranty! I've emailed sundown and just waiting for a response.
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