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  1. threw together a quick wiring diagram in visio. only thing not listed is the switched power from the ignition, speaker leads, and RCA cables. this is just 12v constant and grounds.
  2. yeah. i even ran a brand new dedicated ground for that and the eq. 4 awg from a front seat bolt under the carpet to a distro block where they both meet it. thanks for your input though!
  3. so i've been fighting any combination of static, buzz, and alternator whine for almost 2 years in my system. it's worse on a bluetooth connection, and least on a USB drive source. here's what i've tried - RCA's are shielded and on the passenger side of the car. they've also been replaced. Power is down the driver's side, along with remote. Optima red top is main battery, less than 2 years old. Battery cables and terminals replaced. Head unit has been replaced, equalizer has been added, stand alone constant straight to the battery (fused of course) supplies pow
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