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  1. I work on very expensive electronics / machines that can cost $70,000. I know how to use all precision machine shop tools and a lot of lab equipment. No one here considers it normal that a precision instrument like this would light up the distortion light if its wires are bumped/ moved around/ or just in normal motion of use. So no I don't trust it ... but I wanted to come here and just see what the comments would be. Its going back to the seller. Shit happens but labeling me as some Poor SOB who is returning a working tool because of price isn't going to fly.
  2. Should the distortion light come on with a dd1+ if the leads are wiggled or moved and not attached to anything? The solder looks good but something isnt right. The tool light will not come on if I take the leads off and bump or move the tool. During the first check I ran on a amp it seemed to work but if I just bump the tool around the dis light comes on. Its as if the wires on the leads are creating distortion. thanks
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