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  1. i have this cheap Chinese Atoto A6, i tested the preouts at full volume before clipping with a 50hz test tone it was ~2.5v
  2. it doesnt have to go there, i could mount it to the back of the seat. i just like to be able to take the box out and use the back if needed.
  3. and just to be clear the second box with the 4" port and 4cuft? or the first one with the 3" port and slightly smaller cuft?
  4. the smart 3 looks like a good way to go. would it be safe under my false floor
  5. right now i have a Pioneer GM-DX871, never had anything else dont know much about whats good and whats not.
  6. no i haven't bought anything yet, wanted to get everything figured out before i spend any money
  7. thanks for the explanation, it looks like i need to do more research. and find a bigger amp or build the bigger box
  8. what size amp should i be looking at? the subs are 1000rms each i saw big d dyno the jp23 around 2400w @ 1ohm i thought that would be enough. i really want to get this right the first time. buy one amp, build one box. and thanks for helping i really appreciate it.
  9. does this look better increased the port to 4" and the box to ~4cuft
  10. i probably going to get the jp23 but im open to suggestions, would a 4" port be enough? and how much bigger should the box be?
  11. this is my second time building my own box, the first one was super simple i used jbl specs with an areo port and done. this slot port is a little more difficult for me, the box is for 2 sundown SA12 V2s subs up port back thats going in the back of my jeep grand cherokee. the dimensions are height 15" x length 44" x depth 16" . port is 13.5"x3" - 20" long tuned to ~32hz. im not sure if my port needs to be bigger or not? thanks for any help
  12. like the title says cant decide between one Sundown X12 v3 or two SA12 v2 for my daily driver a jeep grand cherokee most likely to be powered by a JP23. i want to get loud and low but also have it sound good not just really loud. i listen to mostly rap and some classic rock. thanks
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