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  1. Thank you for your reply. Would i get more response if i started a build log? im interested in herein about some sub recommendations. Im very surprised i have not gotten more response . I prefer to stay with 1 sub to keep cost and power down. I trust peoples opinion on the boards than the you tube videos and online reviews. I read your whole build thread and cant wait to see it all installed!
  2. This is also posted on car audio web as well. I hope you guys don`t mind me posting here. I'm old school spl 2002 era . I ran 2 rf bd1500 on 2 rf power hx2 15s I was hitting around 145 to 148avg on old mics and enjoyed it for every day music. I'm more geared towards quality sound ground pounding sound. I want it loud deep and smooth. Im Not into spl anymore I want something loud and deep. I currently run a dayton ho 12 in 1cubic foot sealed on 350 watts and not to thrilled. Go figure. So I got the bass itch again. I want to slam! . I own a 2014 f150 standar
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