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  1. Only 110a but I found a Ohio alt for my Taurus on eBay for my car it’s 275a
  2. Will a high output alternator be good enough to let me system play all my lovely 1500w or will I need a battery to?
  3. This what it is as of now if I turn up the bass boost it goes it to protect mode if I turn the gain up to much it does it I think it’s my car lacking electrical power
  4. @Car Audio 83 @DafaselesBy flat I mean none of them are turnt up not even bass boost. It’s the Skar 1500d monoblock amp
  5. I installed my subs today but after I test the install they don’t produce the base I thought they where going to even with bass boost on Specs: skar 1500d EDIT: Gain, lpf, and subsonic are all turn to the lowest setting 2 skar 12s 4dvc wired to 1 ohm 4 gauge power and ground my issue: after I turn it up so much my amp goes into protect mode, my stock alt can’t handle (110a) so they dim a lot after so much but even at a reasonable volume I still don’t get a boom. I will go back through my grounds but I need help
  6. Everything is stock but my big 3 I get 14.4 without no extras hooked up. Can my stock 110 alt survive? I’m seriously trying to save money.
  7. I’m about to hook up my system to a Napa legend battery. The stock alt is 110. I get 14,4 volts currently without sub, amp, etc installed. I have the big 3 on top of that as well my mono lock skar amp output is 1500w and original plan was to run it parallel at 2 ohm at 930rms but if I run it at 1 ohm it’ll use the full 1500w what steps do I need to take while not spending a wad of cash Someone told me to upgrade the battery and I’ll be fine but I just don’t know I need outside help
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