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  1. He must’ve got a really good pair if they can smoke that much and still go! They look like a good set I’ll definitely keep looking into those the price looks like a steal!
  2. Lol that would be badass but I’m already locked in on the 2 18 build. Don’t really want to mess around with any rebuilding once it’s finished. Thanks for the suggestion though. Actually looks really good since each sub doesn’t require near as much box volume
  3. I’ll be trying them for at least a month most likely while I try to find something else. I’d be open to affordable suggestions up to the zv6 price range if you guys have any input
  4. Yea trying to do a 4th order in this car with my skill set would be like trying to ascend in a single bound
  5. I’m not dead set on zv6s I’m open to others, I’m using 2 massive drago 6k amps. The only thing I worry about with woofers is being stuck playing only lows, I’ve always had high tuned boxes that play 40s with authority but I really wanna get some good lows now. Any sub that is maybe a better price than 950 each and can still handle power would be a godsend. I plan on going to a taramps bass 8k eventually but that’s probably going to be it
  6. I don’t think I have have the space for a 4th order. Have you ever seen one in a regular sedan? Taramps bass 8k sounds like the plan with the zv6s I’m going to be using this build for musical not any plans to compete or even meter but it would be nice to move some air ya know? I’ll probably end up selling these x series But it would be nice to have them sounding good while I’m waiting for them to sell. 4th order would be the best way for that to happen huh?
  7. How bad are the sundown x series v1? When I say bad I mean compared to zv5 A guy just sold me what he said were 2 zv5 18s but now that I got them I see they are x18 v1 T_T I have 6k rms to put on these and I don’t think these are gonna handle that at all. Im debating trying to sell these to make some of my money back and buying zv6s from D4S. What do you guys think? I’m bummed sorry if this is the wrong section I saw subwoofers and figured posting here would be ok
  8. Seems like a awesome idea . But by using this wouldn’t I be more or less locked into using the specific power rating I put in to formulate the port area? So upgrading my power would throw it off, or is that effect negligible?
  9. How does this design look? Only thing I want to change is have the port on the front panel with the subs going along the top of the box. That’s all the space I have to work with unless I want to make the box go deeper into the trunk but the height would taper off dramatically and I don’t know how that would effect everything.
  10. So basically the only power at that front delete location /distribution block is the run/s from the alternator?
  11. My Altima is a 4 banger. I listen to a wide variety of music including pretty much every genre I know of but my main for the bass would probably be rap tbh. I just plan to daily it, no competitions at all. I’m saving up right now to get a jy hp-40 and just use a isolator while keeping the xs in the front but it will probably be at least 3 months before I can do that. I think instead of paying a ton to get a second or 3rd alt in I’d rather get a used Tahoe or excursion and switch everything to that since it has a lot better potential for electrical IMO. I looked into the ces LTO 40ah bank as y
  12. I plan to use one, I think other than adding more batteries or switching to lithium’s there’s nothing I can do for more power that I know of. My vehicle only fits 1 alternator it’s a 2015 altima
  13. Thank you buddy! You even took the time to check the amp specs which is more than I was expecting. I should be good once the alt and the front battery come in right?
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