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  1. Hey guys, Recently been in communications with Brian at Fi due to the fact I'm on business day 53 for my order (single 15" Neo 3.5 with Stage 1 Cooling). He let me know that they're doing everything they can with all the orders and shit going on around the plandemic. They're currently having supplier issues for materials and such and are hoping to get everything back on track in 3-4 weeks. I'm sure if you ask them politely, you'll get a similar response. They're doing the best they can with only four guys and no supplies. All you can really do is reach out in GOOD FAITH and hope you get an estimate for your questions but there's nothing that can be done without supplies. If you're itching to get these subs because you kinda needed that money and are considering getting a refund, you probably shouldn't have bought them anyway. I'm a little upset with the limited communications too as a first time customer but it's hard to answer a ton of questions if there's only one guy at the computer.
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