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  1. Hello everyone. I had a Kenwood DPX504BT HU installed yesterday by a local shop near me to replace a passive LOC and my factory HU. Checked the new Kenwood HU for what volume it starts to clip which was 32. It goes up to 35. I have the subwoofer level all the way up then tested my rca voltage. The HU is rated for 2.5v preouts and I get 2.35v before it starts to clip so that is normal. My previous pre amp voltage was 4.6v from a Kicker Kisloc2 LOC. I reset the gain on the amp back to the output voltage I was running before, using the same test tone I set it with previously while I had my LOC to make up for the difference in RCA voltage between the two. Used my O-Scope for all of this like I always have. Well with this HU compared to my factory HU with a Kicker Kisloc2 LOC the bass is nowhere near as loud as before and sounds completely different. No matter what I do with the EQ I can't get anywhere near the bass I had before which seems odd to me because the gain voltage is exactly the same as before. Tried the EQ flat, smiley face and everything in between. The only thing that changed was the HU. I have spent about 5 hours today playing with the settings and I am lost. Any help/thoughts with this will be awesome. I can provide any additional info that I am capable of giving if needed. Thank you
  2. Any opinions on a good 15" sub for a single 15 setup for rap/low bass around the $350 or less range? Going to get a box made and can go up to 1500w of clean power. Looking at the skar VXF currently but am open to suggestions. Thank you
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