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  1. No way I'll be building the box myself, I'll leave this to a buddy who specialises in this stuff. I'll buy the car probably in the next month or two, depends if I can find a well looked after one. Fun times indeed! Thank you once again, really appreciate all your help! I really have an idea on what to look for.
  2. I think I am going to get the single 715, I read only good reviews about it. The only thing left is the box. What will be the ideal box in terms of cuft/liters, port area and the optimal tuning frequency for a low build? Thanks everybody for your help!
  3. Where I am located 715 is around 320€, 2 612s are 310-30€, new. I am still appreciating the old ones: Lil Jon (BME click especially), Three 6 Mafia, Gorilla Zoe, E40, Young Jeezy etc. If I get the chance to have a demo, I'll decide on the spot Planning to buy either an Audi A3 5 door 2008-9 or a Golf 5, 5 door as well same years. No restrictions on the dimensions, just need to fit inside
  4. I would love to hear each setup, unfortunately there aren't many people into car audio where I live. As far as I understand the general difference between 2 12s vs 1 15" sub is that 2 12s will be GENERALLY louder on the meter although there are many, many factors involved, as opposed to the 15 which will hit lows better and will "shake the car". My previous car was a sedan and with the seats folded I got massive trunk rattle and a spike between 40-45hz most probably due to the car. When I played decafs and rebassed music which is by the way my favourite type of music along with some chill/deep house, the R Type was struggling a bit which didn't make sense to me as it had optimal, well built box with low tuning. Now I am planning to buy a hatchback which is way better for a system than a sedan in my opinion. Now I am looking for opinions from more experienced people so I can make a better decision although it's hard when you can't really hear the system before you finish it.. When you say that the 12s will be "punchier" what do you mean exatly? Thanks again for your help!
  5. Thanks for your input! I will be buying a new car and will go step by step with everything. Cables, big 3 and a battery will be a start. I'll get a diesel most likely which can help me in terms of alternator as the cars that I am looking at have 120A alts. 712s are a out of my budget as they are almost double the price than a 612 where I am located. (Not sure if I'll need a better amp for them as well) I've chosen this amp so I have plenty of clean power headroom and the awesome price that I can get it for new. Lithium is very expensive and for my application I don't think it will make sense. Although it would be awesome to have it! I will see if I can squeeze more space for a better box. I could consider a single 715 however I think that 2 612's will be louder? Not sure tho, what's your opinion on this?
  6. Thanks for your response! They are very similarly priced where I am located so price is not a factor. Box will be around 60L net, 32hz tune for each driver. 1/0 or 2/0 copper not CCA welding cable, haven't decided which yet. Big 3 and a good battery should be enough to power the system. I am reading that DD redline doesn't like low 30s Hz and that Alpine will perform better. Haven't heard the DD so I hope someone who has can shed some light.
  7. Hello everybody, a newbie here. Just to setup some context, I had an Alpine Type R SWR-1243d previously, in a box 60L net, tuned to 32hz, slot port type. Amp was around 750w RMS. Absolutely loved how it played. Now I am planning to up my game, however I need an advice. I want to buy 2 12" and will be deciding between the new Alpine Type R-W12d4 and DD Audio RL612. Box will be around 55-60L net volume, per piece. Amp will be the Avatar 2000.1d. What are the differences between these subs and which will go lower and louder? What about the sound quality? Other suggestions are also welcome. Thank you!
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