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  1. Okay, thanks for the help. Looking forward to putting some work in. If I need some I know where to help.
  2. Can you explain about the conventer thingy?
  3. Its an of topic question but if my headunit didin't have the rca ports in the back is there away to hook them up to the amp?
  4. Just the amp for the sub. My car has already pretty good speakers installed but it just lacks that extra punch.
  5. It realy depends on the site there was brands that I never heard of but most of them are known. Ok so lets talk about the wiring my cars battery is in the front. So it would be like 4-5 meters from battery to the amp and I would be pulling around 75-100amps from the battery so what speaker and power wires I should be using?
  6. In the alpine site it says that Alpine MRV-M500 is capable of running 300w rms at 4 ohm but it other sites it says that its running 150w x 4 ohm and so on. Also whats the diffrence between bridged and not bridged? And what's the diffrence between amps classes?
  7. Ok noted. So it will not damage the sub if i go like 100 w over the sub recomended rms power? I was mostly looking it to alpine and pionier production, saw a sale of the subwoofer that I mentioned earlier and was trying to find the right amp saw couple that could work in theory. Couple of the amps that I'am looking it to right now PIONEER GM-A5702 and GM-A6704 also Alpine MRV-M500 but it was quite expensive for my budget. All of those are like in 150-200Euros price range also the Alpine amp its quite hard to find in stock. Yeah please explain if you have the time.
  8. Hi, so I'm looking in to buying and installing a sub in to my car and I can't seem to find the right amp for this sub the sub is 300w rms at 4ohms and it's very difficult to find exact specifications amp for it so my question here is Is it better to go with something that outputs ~250w At 4 ohms or a lil bit higher. Also if I would use like a 400w amp for this 300w speaker would it burn out or something?
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