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  1. My little hometheater . 9.1.6 setup sony 83 a90j emotiva rmc1-L processor emotiva dr3 for fronts and center channel (600 wrms per ) emotiva xpa6 for the front wides and 4 surrounds emotiva xpa 6 for the 6 overhead atmos rythmik f18 (1 for now) subwoofer Polk Lsim 707s Fronts Polk Lsim 706c Center Polk Lsim 703s for front wides and surrounds Polk 80 Fx/ Ls for atmos x 6 furman 20 amp power conditioners 3 x 20 amp outlets/ breakers pansonic ub820 bluray player Harmony Elite remote Ps5 etc etc etc. I comment sometimes on steves ht on fb or ig , he asked me to post pictures of mine . here they are. dont mine the messy room or crappy pictures. its a work in progress
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