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  1. The amps have a little dial on them that I can adjust with a screw driver, just like the low and high pass. Didn't think I had set it very high, but could that've caused it? What is? the mbt-rx?
  2. So I purchased the JL Audio C2650 component speaker system. For the amp, I went with a Infinity Primus 6002A. Input source is a JL Audio MBT-RX. No head unit. Output from the MBT-RX goes through a splitter to the Infinity Primus and then to my amp for my subwoofer. I've only been rocking this set up for about a month My driver's side tweeter and woofer made some funny noises when I turned up the volume (not very loud, but loud) and then just kinda stopped. There's nothing but a very faint hissing noise coming from the component speaker now. I swapped out the wires. The woofer still works when hooked up to the other crossover's output. This is how I've reasoned that a crossover went kaput. I don't have my tools on me, but once I do, I'll be able to extract the crossovers for some more information. Some symptoms I experienced ever since I first installed the speakers: - hissing from tweeters; pretty loud; at low volume it'll overpower the music coming from the tweeters - loud pop if I suddenly turn my car off; I must disconnect my phone from the bluetooth, wait a few seconds, and then turn my car off in order to avoid the pop - once I hit a high enough volume level (not very loud, but loud) the woofers would go all distorted, even though I've configured the low-pass on the Infinity Primus in accordance to the woofers' frequency response--even choked it up quite a bit Note that my phone's bluetooth is the thing controlling the volume. I have the gain turned up slightly on both the amps. I'd love to hear y'alls' input.
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