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  1. I really don't need a cpu or laptop for everyday use and don't really know jack about them. For just the programs I need for designing the box would this laptop work. It's older and used
  2. Just an update. I start a new job a week from Thursday. Making almost 25% more doing the same thing I am now. Gonna get a laptop soon and start designing. Thanks to everyone for their input. Be back soon
  3. I like this one too. What's the purpose of these kind of boxes? For me it's that I could put both subs sideways and save room in the width of the box
  4. Ok. I don't have a computer so I tried downloading some apps for my phone. They are less than worthless. The only one worth half a shit said my port should be 30.7 inches in length. This was calculated using a 4x19.5 inch port if I'm gonna do split chamber. I guess I need to buy a cheap laptop so I can have a visual of what the box(es) will look like before I even buy the materials to cut. Wish I could do this on my Playstation 5 lol
  5. It's not a bad idea. I do want the subs to be seen. It's going in a show truck. Anything visually enhancing helps get trophies lol
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