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  1. I like this one too. What's the purpose of these kind of boxes? For me it's that I could put both subs sideways and save room in the width of the box
  2. Ok. I don't have a computer so I tried downloading some apps for my phone. They are less than worthless. The only one worth half a shit said my port should be 30.7 inches in length. This was calculated using a 4x19.5 inch port if I'm gonna do split chamber. I guess I need to buy a cheap laptop so I can have a visual of what the box(es) will look like before I even buy the materials to cut. Wish I could do this on my Playstation 5 lol
  3. It's not a bad idea. I do want the subs to be seen. It's going in a show truck. Anything visually enhancing helps get trophies lol
  4. The reason I was thinking split chamber was so that instead of having a massive 48x21x? box I'd have two 23x21x? boxes and it might eliminate the need for bracing rods. Wish I could find some thick giant paper tubes I remember seeing many years ago in the army. Cut into quarters would be perfect for the corners to direct air/sound
  5. That's where the speaker sits inside the box right? Here's a pic of my stereo settings I was speaking of
  6. I appreciate all the help so far. I had a thought, could I separate the chambers and put a port on the outside next to each sub? If I did that I could basically make 2 single boxes and glue them together
  7. I don’t even know what DSP is. I know hpf and lpf. On my stereo in the subwoofer section it has level 1-6 options and 50hz, 80hz, or 120hz. I'll get a pic after work
  8. So maybe 10 inch wide? Also hoping someone can answer another noob question. My head unit only goes down to 50hz as an option for the subwoofer output. I'm thinking 35hz(?) for the port, should I look for a different head unit? I'm using an old avh-p4400bh pioneer
  9. Good eye. Those are the k9d2's. I went with rockville after owning their surround sound for my living room. Here's a box I just found on the net. Gonna ask them how deep it is. That might give me some insight. They want $1300+ for it. Crazy. I can buy the material and all the tools(router and all) for much less I hope
  10. I've never heard 18s in person. Youtube doesn't do them justice because phone mic usually doesn't do well when recording them. But I like the hair trick and the shaking they do to a vehicle. Btw I'm almost 49 so maybe this is just midlife crisis. Here's my current box and set-up
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