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  1. That makes total sense, any build I have seen with the amp to frame ground has alt grounds. I wasnt even thinking lol. I was looking at a couple on instagram, and I believe thats how steve had his caddy but I could be wrong. I just wanna make sure that I have everything properly grounded in the rear. Do you think 2x 1/0 ga grounds to bare metal in the cab will be suffiecient for my amps. Thanks. That would make things easy.
  2. WOW! Thanks for the in depth reply. Yeah, I have done so much damn research on this topic LOL! I spoke with Richard from mechman and I was a little confused on what he was saying but I believe he was saying exactly as you explained. Big 2, keep stock 4ga that runs thru RVC, add 1/0 ga thru the RVC and uprgade the postive alternator to battery. He said if I call him directly to order he would sell me the alternator with that plug I believe the same one you are talking about. Did your run your bigger ground thru the RVC to the block, like the factory one? and one to the alternator? So from gathering all this information, I think I will go the route you did, when I get my alternator. Does this sound right to you - Add 1/0 ground thru RVC to block and Alternator, while keeping stock one there also. Then upgrading power wire to 1/0 from alt to primary battery. My secondary d3400 + will be paralled to primary battery and I would ground the second battery to frame and chassis but not to the alternator. I plan on getting everything installed and then adding the alternator a little bit down the road. So for the time being I would just add 1/0 ground thru RVC to block, and when I get alternator I will add 1/0 thru RVC to alternator also and install the 2 pin plug deal for the altnerator. My grounds in the rear of the truck will be 1x 2/0 to frame and 1x 1/0 to inner cab metal. Thank you !
  3. I was curious Defasales, do you know anything about the RVC on our trucks? Is there a special way to big 3, or just big 2 these trucks with a second battery install? Im going to call xs power / mechman im sure they have a resolution. But figured I would ask here also, thanks!
  4. 65446778467__24763A15-3FB0-446A-9C64-EDD2F515EC92 (1).HEIC Figured I would do a little build thread as I put together my first bigger system build. I have had a single 12 console for a while now and decided to change it up. Truck is 2009 gmc sierra extended cab. I will be doing 2x skar vxf 15s in a rear seat delete set up. No wall just normal box set up. Amp will be a cab 4500, electrical will be 2x d3400, big 3, and mechman 370 down the road a little. I currently just started the build, removed the rear seats in the truck pulled up most carpet and sound deadened the floor. Eventually will deaden doors and roof. I am working on this build in my spare time so I dont exactly know how fast I will put it together. Hoping to be close to "finished" after black friday. For the deadener I used kilmat on amazon just cheap and decent quality for my needs, also super easy to with. ~80 mil thickness. I am waiting on a couple things to get completed, my buddy does custom wood working and getting the rear floor / amp wall dialed for me ( I will post pics ) also need couple input reducers and then I can get mostly everything installed. I have all wiring, smd, distro/ground blocks, and everything needed to install dual batts and main power run to rear except for some 2/0 to 1/0 reducers. I should have the floor in and main wiring done by next weekend or so, I will update. Wiring will be all d4s 2/0, 1/0, and 4ga for mids and highs amp. Dual 2/0 runs from auxillary d3400 battery under hood to rear smd block, dual 1/0 runs from smd block to cab 4500. ( single 4ga to skar rp 1k mids/highs amp ). Under the hood 2/0 runs fused at 450, smd block sub amp slots fused at 200 each run (400 total), 150 fuse for rp 1k Current mids/highs are 4x skar fsx 6.5s, and 2x 3.5 skar tweets on skar rp 1k. Plan is custom doors after sub build.
  5. Appreciate the help ! That makes total sense, the amp will draw what it needs, didnt even think about that lol. Yes, I will be using the solid side of block for 2x 2/0 runs, other side dual power to cab 45, and single run 4ga to skar amp. I emailed CAB and they got back really fast. Amp calls for 400 amp fusing, I will use 200 on the dual inputs ! and 400-450 under the hood. Thanks again ! Will check back if I have any other ?'s
  6. IDK if im over thinking this but, but im confused at the distro block. I will have the 2 runs of 2/0 fused at 450 each front front battery to rear distribution block. I am planning on using the smd quad anl fuse holder, I will use 250 amp fuses on on each run into amp for the dual inputs, where im confused is I have to power my mids/highs amp can I just put a 150amp fuse on an open spot on the smd quad for that amp and run my 4ga to it? Or would that fuse blow beacause there is so much current into the block? This may be a dumb question but worth asking before im trying to smooth sail install everything. My original plan was to have the 2/0 on the first and third post on the input side and sandwich the 4ga on the 2nd post on the output side with the smaller fuse? Does that sound correct or am I missing something, I really appreciate the help!
  7. Honestly thinking about it here for a second, Ill just do dual 2/0 to 1/0 amp input, more power she can get the better. and it really takes no extra time
  8. Thanks for the help ! I will definitely do the 2x 1/0 runs with the new alternator. The cab 4500 does not have dual inputs, since I will have the 2x 2/0 runs from secondary front battery to rear distro block, I was going to use dual amp inputs, but now im thinking I will just use 1x 2/0 off the distro block and use 2/0 to 1/0 reducer in the amp. Unless you think it would be more beneficial to to dual 1/0 runs off distro block to amp. Recap: 2x 2/0 runs front to back distribution block, and then ether 1x 2/0ga into amp, or run 2x1/0 runs off distribution block to dual amp inputs. And on the ground bar, going to grommet under truck and do frame ground in rear, and have chassis ground in cab. Thanks!
  9. This is my first post and really my first "bigger system install", so im not exactly sure if im in the right spot or not but I will ask my question if anyone is out there. I will try to keep short and to the point. I am installing 2x skar vxf 15s, they will be powered by a cab 4500 wired to 1 ohm. I have 2x xs d3400 under the hood, big 3 complete, and eventually a mechman 370 amp alternator. Calculations: SUB AMP: CAB 4500 80% efficiency = 5100 watts / 13.8 = 369.5 Mids/Highs AMP : SKAR RP1k 60% efficiency = 1400 watts / 13.8 = 101 I will be doing 2 runs of 2/0 from the front secondary d3400 to the rear distribution block. I calculated I will need 2x450-475 amp anl fuses up front for the 2 runs to the rear, my question is at the distribution block should I also use 450 amp anl fuses for the amp? The amp will have dual inputs, I will go to 1/0 gauge at the terminal block to the dual amp inputs. And then I will run a smaller ANL fuse 100 amp anl for my mids/highs 1k amp at the distribution block since it will be 4 ga after the block and calls for 100 amps. So basically im open for any opinions, I am just trying to make sure my calculations look right and I have dotted my I's and crossed my T's so to speak. Any help / input is greatly appreciated. Thanks, Cole ! And I plan to do a build thread, maybe if I'm really feeling spicy a youtube recap. It will be in a 2009 gmc sierra extended cab, rear seat delete, custom stain work for floor and box by my good friend who does custom wood working. Goal will just be a fun daily driver system, would be cool to hit 145-150 db !
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