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  1. However is my situation, I’m overpowering the subs so I have them in slightly smaller box, with bigger port area. Im about 21 inches port area per net cub (6.4x21) to give me 132 square inches port area. I have a friend I met online with same 2x vxf 15s, he has 6.8 net cubes, 112 port area, tuned 32hz and his sounds fantastic also. Im tuned at 35hz and can play 27-63hz with ease at max power. He can play 22-63hz with ease and slightly different bass sound but they both sound great. You will need at least 105 + square inches of port I would say for those subs on 3k rms + . I have mine on tar amps smart 5 and so does friends, absolutely slaps.
  2. Okay, I got you. So I have 2x vxf 15s myself. Your main problem here is that you didn’t increase the port size for the 2 subs, you will want anywhere from 14-16 sq inches port area per net internal volume. Also, you internal volume is a little high for those subs, well I would say really high. Depending on what power you are putting on them, a good net internal box size for these subs is 6.6-6.9. You are sitting at 9 net cubes which is huge. I will give you my box specs, I’m 6.4 net cubes, tuned high at 35hz with 132 square inches of port area.
  3. Okay !! Got everything set up and have been playing around with it for a couple days. Still have them on barely half power that they will get clean and they absolutely slam !! I will get some vids when I got them on full power and broke in. I gotta keep messing and learn the setup and see where I wanna go. Right now box is 6.3 net cubes 132 port area tuned at 36hz going to be testing this setup and then possibly try 108 port area at 33.5hz. I have to pull headliner out though immediately and put some thicc Deadener up there. May even leave headliner out or come up with something custom. I will see what it sounds like deadened and go from there. Then I can continue testing. Honestly I didn’t know what to expect, but I’m overall thrilled with the setup.
  4. Here’s how I have it layed out. Think I’m happy with it. I have ocd so it’s never perfect lol
  5. Thank you guys ! Yeah I’m pumped on it, their shop does some crazy wood working and he knocked it out of the park. Should be playing Sunday, low power and break the subs in for a little. I got everything mocked up, now I gotta just run some wire, swap a battery and throw the subs in. I got 2x d3400 on stock alt so will see how that hold ups on the smart 5k and skar rp 1k. Alternator is probably in my future. More for extended listening.
  6. Got prv dsp in and the box is done and came out so bad ass I love it ! Not sure if video will upload I’ll throw up some pics. Should install everything around next weekend. IMG_0480.MOV
  7. Little update. All runs are done to the back and purchased a smart 5k. Should of had everything installed but my boy got Covid that’s building my box. So has been delayed, probably next couple weeks will be done. He’s all good now so just gotta find some time. Also, wish I would have sheathed my first 2 power runs ehh, may get some loom if I don’t fell like re running it. Now just deciding on if I want a another d3400 to have 2x under hood, or some lithium. Hmmmm
  8. He isn’t clipping them, but it’s about all they can handle tuned right before clipping when they are full tilt. 80-90% volume and they sound great and are fine. I’ve seen 6200 watts on the dyno from the smart 5k at 2ohm, so it’s combatting rise like crazy and performing like a 8k amp. I thinking dampening factor is really similar on each amp 150-200 range
  9. Appreciate it man ! Can’t wait to get it done, then time for the front doors 4x8s / 2x 3.5 tweets per door. Thinking all skar on a jp23x4 channel.
  10. He is loving the smart 5k. He said its super efficient only needs 12.6v for max output. Obviously windy af. I was sketched that you only have 1 Rca in, but I guess that doesn’t matter. He said you can play at max volume for a minute or 2 then you gotta let subs cool off for a minute, but 80-90% sound amazing and can play all day.
  11. Yeah the only full bridge I would do is the smart 5k. I honestly was looking at the internals of the cab and the skar rp and the skars build just looks rock solid. They both looks good tho. Full bridge is newer for me, half bridge is tried and true, but the smart 3k has undeniable reliability. Sooo I’m torn lmfao. I will share this video from the guy I was talking with.
  12. Okay guys I need a little input so I can make a decision. I have everything basically ready to go I just have to make a decision on an amplifier. I was set on the cab 4500, then tar amps dropped the smart 5k and a guy I met has 2 vxf 15s on the smart 5k and it absolutely slams. So I’m kinda torn right now between cab 45, smart 5k, bass 5k, or skar rp45. Any input is greatly appreciated.
  13. I would say way more positive especially in recent years. I have skar fsx mids, skar tweets and rp amp. They sound and perform fantastic. I just installed an EVL 12 w/ a RP1500 in my boys trunk and it sound and performs fantastic. EVL/VFX are good subs from Skar. Thats just my 2 cents tho
  14. Those would all be good options, honestly I like the dc audio level 3/4 is a nice sounding sub. I am on a 2x sub kick. A lot of companies are putting out a good product. I have a hard time making decisions tho lmao !
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