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  1. Hello I'm new to the group and I need some assistance badly. I have a 2017 f150 crew cab and 2 years ago I cut a hole the size of a box I had and shoved it in and bam I was happy for a little bit lol. Right now I'm running 2 10s. I want to upgrade to 2 15s and my orion hcca 5000.1 amp I've had for years and never used. I don't know what kind of box I should build the box would definitely stay in the truck bed and I'd like to keep the hole I already cut which is 33wide x 15 tall as the port. I'm willing to pay someone to design it for me and ill build it. Also I'd like the subs to be in the truck bed. Attached is a couple pics of current box- minus the beauty panels. O yeah I listen to everything from classic rock to rap to dubstep to bass tracks. Thanks for your time
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