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  1. Haha sorry I don't understand most of what's written above..
  2. The gain on the mono amp is set pretty low, id say 20%. I want a separate box, so when I go camping, I can at least bring 1 box with me, keep the other in the garage. I'm a beginner, so I don't understand any of the complicated stuff, and English is my 2nd language. So I will order a big 3 kit, and a fuse (250?).
  3. Some details about my vehicle. It's a jeep wrangler, AGM battery, stock 160 amp alternator, kenwood 7706s hu, hertz hcp4d (4 channel 500 rms I think) cxa 800.1 to a Kicker 10" Q L7. I'm thinking about adding a 2nd box and sub and amp, identical to the 1st one. I'm still searching for the big 3 wiring kit (are they all the same? Some have fuses and some don't, im not sure what I need). Will my setup have any issues adding another amp and sub? The reason I'm adding another sub, it feels like the sub is hitting a wall past 2/3 of the volume, doesn't seem to get louder but main speakers get louder. No clipping, just not getting louder. I've messed with the hz and gain, but if I set the gain any higher, too much bass at lower volumes.
  4. Wow I didn't know it would be this labor intensive.
  5. I called around a bunch of shops to quote me on sound deadening, and most were in the $500 to $1,000 range. Which is a lot more than I expected. Luckily I own a jeep and the carpets are somewhat easily removed. The chairs are not easily removed. Would it make a difference if I applied some mats under the carpet where the floor mats would be? I also considered applying some top my hardtop, but it is fiberglass and I would need something to cover the unsightly mat. Next weekend I'm going to youtube some videos on how to remove my door panels and do the inside.
  6. There's not much places to put deadening material, I guess I can do the doors.
  7. Hello, here's my 2016 jeep wrangler. I'm starting to build up the sound system, the factory sound was terrible. Got a kenwood dmx7706s. Hertz hcp4d 4 channel amp, with some cheap kickers 6.5s, looking to get better sound quality components as I learn. Kicker cxa 800.1 hooked to a 10" q L7 in a ported box, looking for a sealed box, but they are hard to find.
  8. I just got a Kicker q series 10" L7, looking for a sealed box for it. I'm located in Southern California.
  9. If it's plugged in all the way, no power to thr subwoofer. It only send power to the sub when remote bass plug is half plugged in.
  10. Just installed my amp and sub. When I plug the remote bass all the way in, it makes no noise on any gains. When halfway plugged in, it's loud, and bass knob doesn't work. What went wrong? Any ideas?
  11. Ah that seems like a lot of work right now. Perhaps later. I think I'll be happy with the box kicker made for now.
  12. Ok, ordered the 10" q l7. Later on, when time is more available, I'll have a custom box built for it. So the box kicker makes isn't that great?
  13. This is going in the back of my wrangler, so space isn't an issue. I listen to a little bit of everything. So the amp would make good bass from either of those subs? They come in their own ported box, which I know isn't ideal, later on I can have a box built for it, but that's later.
  14. Sorry but what does better paired mean? I'm new to car audio. Would the amp not push the 12 as well? Which would make better bass? The 10"?
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