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  1. (Ignore how dirty it is. It doesn't move much and the pollen is dropping like crazy, we took off the headliner because it was sagging and the sound deadening fell off with it [it sat in a field for about 8 years], and we had to take out the carpet after I left it un-tarped for one night and the whole floor flooded.) I have a 1991 isuzu pickup spacecab with four 15's and it leaks like crazy. We've tried using every sealant we could get our hands on. 3M stuff, flexseal, and a bunch of others (been over a year since we last tried a sealant, can't remember the other types). We had someone come out and look at it and they said "Yeah we can fix a leaky windshield" then he came out and said, "That'll be a little harder.." but he does car restorations and said he thought he could take care of it. We got all of the old stripping off, sanded it, he came and did the windshield and put on new stripping. For the first day, it actually worked. I was stoked. Then on the second day, I took it out when it was drizzling and bumped it and the water poured in. Anyone have any idea what to do? There seems to be a little rust at the center of the windshield on the top. Sand the whole thing left to right, bondo, new windshield? Do people use plexi windshields to get them to not blow out? What are the tricks y'all got?
  2. Okay, thanks. I had no clue what type of boxes demo vehicles might be using. I am still trying to figure out what type of box is good for what type of bass. Whenever I Google stuff, I get hit with generic articles that all regurgitate "Here are the different type of subwoofer enclosures - ported and sealed." And that's about it. I'm not looking to make Michelangelo's "The David" for my first enclosure, but I wouldn't mind a challenge that will look good and sound even better.
  3. Okay, thanks. I have a couple different playlists of lows (I mean, 35 is consider a low, right? ) that I know they can handle with some power and ones for just showing off this box's strengths. I'm going to post some pictures of the truck and try to get some opinions on what route to go to re-tune it, and I'll make sure you see it to see if you've got any tips. Thanks for all the help so far.
  4. That makes sense, but isn't something I would have answered with if asked. So, then, when people tune high excursion subs (sundown, skar zvx, fi, Orion, etc) to, lets say, 28hz, are they playing sub 28hz frequencies when doing crazy demos on YouTube? Or are they doing what the port is tuned to? (I don't live in an area with a lot of bass heads, haven't gotten to demo in anything more than 2 skar evl 12s @ 28hz before).
  5. A lot of good information here. Thanks for taking the time to type it up. The port being tuned where it is I'm pretty sure is why it lacks so heavily on lower frequencies. Not a lot of movement at 50hz. I have been able to get a couple decent videos in the past when I find a good song with a wall around x freq. I'd rather buy once and hurt the wallet than twice and hurt 401k, so I won't be cheaping out, but I plan on tinkering with the current box to see what we can do. In the end, if we can't come up with a good solution for the TREO's, then I'll move forward with new stuff. Like you said, new stuff is fun. Do I need it? No. But do I even need the current 15's? Of course not lol. I would just like to still get a good idea of what I want (like, settle on either four 15's or two 18's, figure out the brand and type of enclosure) even if we tinker with the current setup and get a good middle ground. That way, whenever I DO make the move, I already have the plan made up.
  6. Four Treo SSX 15.11 subs each with a Skar RP-2000.1D. They're technically in a box that's removable from the cabin, but it is very nearly wall to wall roof to ground so I refer to it as a wall normally. The box was built (I think) 22 years ago (somewhere between 18 and 22, think the latter) and so he doesn't remember much about it, except that it was tuned somewhere between 46-54HZ because it was a half daily half comp build. When we break ground towards this new project, we'll take out the subs and look into it and assess what we have, but with it being ancient equipment, we try and let it sit where it has for over a decade. I just found the spec sheet for the Treo's again and I'm kind of surprised at what I'm looking at.. they're rated for 2500RMS with 28mm XMAX, but they have relatively conservative surrounds (nothing like the Skar ZVX or Sundown X15's). It also recommends that you tune it to 29.4hz, which sounds weird to me because of how "small" the surrounds are. About 10 minutes before I read your comment, my dad and I were talking about doing a different box for the current build to see if it could move some air, but the biggest concerns there are 1) Suuuuuper old subs. The truck sat in a field for 8 years, no clue how they still work flawlessly, let alone with how much I beat on them. 2) Building a box doesn't seem cheap right now, and if we build a box for the subs (when we already have a box for them) and it doesn't perform like we'd hope for, then we would still move onto another build in the truck and would have blown $400~ in mats. Definitely open to any and all advice, I'm still new to the hobby, and he's been out for so long that stuff has changed, and the stuff that hasn't is still a little foggy for him.
  7. I don't have the air space for 3 18's, unfortunately. Right about my limit with two 18's or 4 15's. If this weren't the truck my dad got when he was 18 and started doing car audio in, I would opt for something with much more space and do four 18's. It's been fun for me to spend time with my dad, and fun for him to relive his days of traveling to dBDrag tourneys.
  8. Thanks for the input. Idk how I found their "subwoofer options" page, but I linked it below. On another post I made, someone pointed out switching from four 15's to two 18's will lose me about 40% cone area, so I'm going to figure out a new plan, since the point of this build is just to do some silly hairtricks. https://ficaraudio.com/options/
  9. You've got a really good point. I've been looking at so many things I overlooked cone area. Back to the drawing board thanks
  10. *EDIT* As stingray72 pointed out, for a windy setup, two 18s isn't really the play over four 15s, and as such, I'll be doing more research on 15s instead. I'd still like input about the type of box to use for four 15s for moving air, but you can ignore the comments about 18s. Thanks! *ORIGINAL* Hey all, looking for some input. I have a 1991 Isuzu spacecab walled with 4 15"s and I'm looking to switch to two 18"s and tune them low - around 28hz or 30hz. I've never made a box before, so I reached out to some builders in my area and was quoted $1,500 in labor for a wall or a grand starting for a box for the two 18"s and that was not including materials. I'm not one to cheap out, but $1,500 seemed like a price point where I'd be willing to learn and do it myself. My truck has roughly (no exact numbers because I've got a wall in there now and it's been there for almost 20 years) 52*34*22 inches available for a box. Any advice as to what type of box and where to learn about building it? I've got the time to do it right. Subs I'm looking at are Skar ZVX 18 (5.25ft³ airspace) or FI NEO 3.5 (5ft³-8ft³). Thanks for being great here on these forums
  11. Spent a lot of time looking at the FI subs today. I read on their site to get the daily not the competition if you're not burping only, but I couldn't find any specifics on which are dailies. I'm trying to find the ones that'll produce the most wind, but since I've never had high SA high xmax subs, I'm having a hard time figuring out the best option. I like those FI 3.7's with the gloss 7" cap. Any idea if the NEO's are better than the Ferrite for what I want (deep bass for air movement)?
  12. Never heard of them, I'll definitely check them. Thanks for the input. Just the subs - I'll look into Fi. I've seen them on EXO's channel but never heard them in person. Thanks for the tip!!
  13. I have a '91 isuzu pickup spacecab with 4 Treo 15's in it, each wired to 1ohm to a Skar RP-2000.1D each (total of four amps). They're sitting in a custom ported box right behind the seats, roof to ceiling. I'm looking to switch into some subs with stupid xmax instead. I was thinking SKAR EVL 15's or ZVX 15's (in a custom 4 sub box, or two dual boxes right behind the seats, wired to the same amps). Any input on what subs to get? Looking to hairtrick and neither my father nor I have purchased subs in over a decade, so I don't know what to get for big air movement. I don't have a fixed budget right now - but I know top end will hopefully be less than $2,800 for four subs and a box. OR, two 18's and a box (I've never had any 18's, so I don't know if two 18" air movers will be better than four 15" air movers). Thank you for all input!
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