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  1. The two XS are tied in with the truck start batt (some u-pull-it battery that was almost new) which are all then to the alt (120~amp, don't remember exactly), radio uses stock wiring, amps are going to the (2) XS batteries, and the little things (amp relays/LED's/extras) are to the front battery. I kind of beat on the system as my daily more than I should, to be honest. So while I don't compete, I still use it quite a bit and would like to be able to bump for a longer period of time. The rule of thumb I was told growing up was to back off when it got to 12v ish, so my goal was to do whatever was necessary to keep it above 12v for as long as possible. Back before I got the XS batteries, I had 4 car batteries chained and I could get 15 seconds of solid thumping before it was at 12v. Switched to the XS batteries and I could get 45-60 seconds. I figured an alt that could keep up with an 8k~ system would help.
  2. I had looked at mechman and a few others (don't remember off the top of my head), but mechman didn't have one for my vehicle. Thanks for the places to look! Thanks for pointing out that I should reach out, didn't consider that. I wasn't sure (as I haven't messed with alts before) if there was ANY interchangeability between different vehicle's alts.
  3. Hey guys, I could use some direction here. I have a 91 isuzu pickup that my dad bought when he was 18 and gave to me when I turned 18. We've worked on it together over the last few years, which has been fun. (4) Treo 15 SSX15.11 subs on (4) Skar Rp2k amps, (2) XSPower D3100's, and a bunch of 1/0 SA wire (don't remember how much, just know that it was expensive and used more than (1) 50ft roll). I'm finally tired of voltage drops and want to upgrade the alternator. It currently has a 120 or 130 on it (it's been awhile). I've searched high and low online for a 300+ alt for a 91 isuzu 2.6l is with no luck. Anyone know of an alt for another vehicle I could swap in? I've never replaced an alternator, but can wrench when I have to. Is it a difficult process to put in an alternator that's designed for another vehicle (under normal circumstances)? Any and all help would be awesome guys. Also, build might change to 2 18's and different amps soon, unsure of the future of the system.
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