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  1. Hello, I installed a Rockville RXM-F3 4 channel amp in my Infiniti G35 about 1year 3 mos. ago. All was good until recently when the right channel began dropping out. If you crank the volume up it will come back on and only for a while then drop again. I have tried the following 1. switch RCA from left to right. Speakers work fine 2. Checked for loose connections, power, ground and speaker 3 months out of warranty and Rockville was ZERO help. They won't and don't fix. Won't replace but they will sell me a mother board for $80. Very unhappy with this company. 3 mos out of warranty and they offer nothing? I won't buy this junk again. I have a Alpine in my Explorer that's been in there 20 years and still rock solid. Anyone?
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