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  1. I’m looking for help/advise on choosing a coil to replace my SWX-1243D and SWX-1043D coils, same exact coils. I need to do 3 (2x12” & 1x10”) so this first needs to be a success, my goal is to keep or exceed the SQ & power handling. This will be my 1st recoil but I’ve been reading and discussing with friends for weeks and confident I can easily do this, I’ve already disassembled my woofers fully and carefully, saving all stock parts so I can keep what makes the Type-X a Type-X, posted pics on below Reddit link There’s a second post with more pics if any interested. But ya, learning the hard way there is basically ZERO info online about these subs and recoiling them, because of the difficulty in disassembly I imagine and the fact no one makes an inset voice coil (inner and outer wound voice coil, which is superior in sound quality) so I’m “reduced” to using a traditional wound coil, and I’m having a hard time choosing which/what/etc. I know the stock coil is dual 4(3.6)ohm 3layer round CCA inner/outer for a total of 6 layers. I wanted to go 8 layer full copper flat wire but can not find one. I just bought a 4layer dual 4ohm flat copper wire coil below, which is 57mm vs 50mm but I’m replacing the spiders as well and was just going to compensate when installing figuring the extra xmax might be nice (lol) the dual 4 flat copper is what had me jump on it http://rover.ebay.com/rover/1/711-53200-19255-0/1?icep_ff3=2&toolid=10001&campid=5335951755&icep_item=143093457584 But after receiving it it doesn’t look near beefy enough, Jorge at LoB said it’s 1kw RMS, which is the minimum I want but man it’s looking paltry, it’s a nice voice coil, quality stuff I just want something beefier and compared to the stock it looks way weaker, but this is half the reason I’m posting, what makes a coil a coil and what is better for daily music, a 4layer flat copper or a 8layer flat alum same specs? I really wish he had this in 8layer, there’s a dual 2ohm and dual .5ohm I’m looking to maybe exchange mine for and they have the same wind width as stock, but both are 8layer flat alum 1.5kw RMS, which I prefer for RMS, but I have questions I can’t seem to find answers for. I’ve read Copper and mass is better for SQ, and SQ is what I want, and I’m an all or nothing Alpine “fanboi” so I really want to resurrect these but with more “oompf” lol, is 4layer flat copper or 8layer flat alum better for SQ? Is 8layer round copper better for SQ vs 8layer flat alum? Which would be the best for SQ ultimately, 8layer flat copper? If I can even find it wish I could find inner&outter wound flat copper ...almost ready to learn winding so I can make my own lol I'm hoping anyone with extensive knowledge in coils or the SWX-1243d (2nd all black matte cone version) like say SPLAudio or the like can chime in. I know what I would like but vs what’s actually available right now on the net has me undecided I want to put in a better voice coil for better SQ and more power handling if possible, thanks for reading this long *** essay, hoping to maybe put more info out on the net regarding the Type-X as well, stock and upgrading. Just for info purposes the specs on stock coil are as follows (12” & 10” are same exact just the spiders differ by 1/2” with is 7.5” and 7” respectively, progressive semi-cupped 1/3” height semi-stiffy lol) Alpine SWX-1243D @ SWX1043D Stock Voice Coil Former height: 115-ish mm Wind Width: 50 mm Outer: 84 mm Inner: 76 mm Impedance: dual 4 (3.6) ohm Layers: 6 Former Material: alum Wire Type: round copper clad alum Wire Gauge: ??? Stock Motor 130oz 5/8”x3 Triple stack Gap Width: 6mm Gap Depth: 73mm Outer: 87 mm Inner: 75 mm Top Plate: 12mm All measurements made by me and triple checked. Couldn’t find any spec info like this at all. I’ve had some tell me I’m wasting my time, etc and then I’ve had others tell me they’ve had great success with even improving parameters checked by throwing on their subwoofer testing gear (just no current same exact coil they used available) so besides trying to get this done I also want to learn what makes what and why to help with my decisions on this woofer and future builds. I’m looking to get this done, and I’m almost there. Figured I’d start posting here cuz SMD usually knows their custom shit Also I have found a dual2ohm 8layer flat alum wound 1.5kw rms coil I’m about to jump on within the specs above but wanted to post before I do cuz the 4layer flat copper choice looked to be a dud and don’t wana keep spending without posting, lol. I would really like to find a dual4or2ohm 8layer flat copper if possible. My ultimate goal is for daily music that still hits hard and low and SQ based. thx and toke it easy fellas
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